Present Site making with Weebly for You


Start by registering on Weebly by visiting the website. When you sign in, you go to the homepage that allows you to select the site to edit or create. Create a site by choosing a name.

How to create a professional website on Weebly?

After choosing a name, defining the subject and the general tree, you must start writing pages containing articles, product pages, landing pages, etc.). Weebly simplifies HTML code and integration via modules whose use is simplified. A visit to makes sense there.

Build a page on Weebly, block builder. Move the blocks from the left column to the page.

For example, the T Tittle block makes it possible to integrate a <H2> tag on the page.

How to build a page on Weebly?

The first tab allows you to build pages. Many tools are available in the left column. This is the basic editing modules of the software. The page editing tab allows you to add a title, add a text, an image. This is where you can define the content of the pages. Integration of blocks on Weebly, title blocks, images, html. You can add tools by scrolling down the column and clicking added.

What are the building modules on Weebly?

On Weebly, the modules or “blocks” of Weebly construction are the gallery or and the slideshow function, a contact form, location on the map, buttons to propose links the integration module. This module allows integrating HTML code and building a summary, a breadcrumb. It also allows to integrate tweets, facebook posts and videos.

The divider draws a line to separate the elements horizontally. The space box allows to incorporate a vacuum to breathe the content. The rectangle “section” on the page allows you to modify the wallpaper. Weebly works in clicked slider so it is possible to create columns by dragging a module or a “block” on one side of the content to be shifted.

  • Media menus, e-commerce and more from Weebly.

The other features of the media menu, e-commerce and more from Weebly are:

  • The media part for the integration of Youtub e videos , and various files.
  • Inclusion of quotes, a confirmation of attendance form and a survey.
  • The integration of social network emoticons (automatically once the links are set).
  • Finally the last feature is the monetization of the audience.

How to build the site structure?

  • This edit box allows you to work on the page tree and the hierarchy of them.
  • Pages Management on Weebly, Site Structure.
  • Thinking about the structure before starting a site saves a lot of time.
  • Management of the site tree, organization of pages on Weebly.
  • The second tab called “Pages” allows structuring the website and developing a tree.
  • Creation of the site tree, management of the menu on Weebly.
  • It is best to keep a maximum of seven entries on the first level of the menu.

It is also the space for creating new pages. We choose the name and fill in the different SEO parameters linked to a new page. Then, we customize the url (optimized is better) the description of the page, the meta-keywords, the footer code and the header.

Idea of ​​reading: The basics of SEO of a website

  • In order to optimize the referencing of the site it is necessary to optimize the url and the meta-keywords and descriptions of the page.
  • The themes, the store and the list of applications.
  • The theme area of ​​the CMS allows the definition of display settings with a full gallery of theme (site template) free and paid.