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Knowing that WordPress now offers two editors, I’ll show you how to do it on the classic editor and on Gutenberg (the new editor of WordPress).

How to add the tag “More ” on WordPress

Adding the tag “More ” in an article is actually quite simple. All you have to do is start writing an article or edit an existing one. Once you have started writing, you must click on the line on which you want to end the summary and display the more links. Once it’s done, and then clicks the Insert “More” tag button on the toolbar.

  • You’ll notice that by adding this tag, a broken line appears with a text “More ” on the line you selected earlier. You can insert this tag anywhere in your article. In the middle of a sentence or after the first paragraph.
  • If you use the text editor, you can still use the “Insert a tag ‘ More ‘ ” button, available on the toolbar or manually enter the expression:

For those who use the publisher Gutenberg, to add a tag “More “, you must click on the + icon located at the top left of the editor, then search for “More “, you will find a result, which is in fact a Gutenberg block that you can add to your article.

What are the advantages of using this tag at the expense of extracts?

    • Remember that we mentioned instead that WordPress offers two features that allow you to post a summary of your article with a link to “More ” – read more -. These methods are: the tag “More “and extracts.
    • You can add an excerpt to any article using the section available on the article editing page. If you cannot see this section, click on the screen options tab at the top right, then on the “Extracts ” box.
    • This will display an additional text box available below the editor.


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  • If you use Gutenberg, you will find this section in the “Document ” tab of the toolbar on the left side of the editor.

While abstracts seem to be a much simpler option, there are two disadvantages to using it. The first is that the extracts depend on the WordPress themes, this means that if the latter does not support the extracts, then it does not matter that you tick on the ” Extracts ” box, your theme will display the entire content of your article on the page. This is the home of your blog and that of archives.