Pre-Installed Apps in Smartphones and the Consequences that Affect the End-Users


Mobile apps are now used extensively by most people using a smartphone. If you try to check the performance of a smartphone and use it to the optimum, only the use of mobile apps will make it perfect. That’s why using smartphones, handheld devices or smartwatches relies heavily on apps. 

You will find the number of pre-installed apps as part of a bundled package when you buy a new phone. This is not new, but the pre-installed apps can sometimes be a nuisance as most of them are not required by the user. Let me describe the suspect in detail now so that he can understand how and why these pre-installed apps can affect the performance of a smartphone. And the overall experience for the end-user.

Apps Bundled as Pre-Installed Software 

Nowadays, pre-installed software as part of a bundled package can be found in virtually every smartphone. There is nothing wrong with some of this pre-installed software such as a web browser email client calendar and other software. Some installed apps also offer several specific tasks like a mapping program or an app to buy your favorite songs. Everything seems to be all right until you come across some apps which do not offer any purpose to you and take space on your smartphone. 

Internal space in PCs and laptops are not a problem anymore as we can get multiple TBs of internal space on hard disks or external hard drive for a nominal price. But when we talk about internal memory on a smartphone, things are very different. If you will there the price of smartphone having 64 GB of memory as compared to 256 GB or 512 GB, there is a huge difference. And there can be other factors that can make a smartphone with 512 GB very expensive.

When it comes to pre-installed apps, the internal memory is very precious to the end-user. If the pre-installed software call apps are in abundance, then the user will lose my space and won’t be able to install his favorite apps. Some of the apps mentioned above like calendar are pre-installed and cannot be deleted. It makes these apps even more troublesome as users think about more space in the form of memory cards and cloud storage. Even these options are not very cheap and that’s why there must be something done in this concern.

The Remedy

The end users must have an option to delete some apps which they don’t find helpful. It will not only free some precious space on the mobile phone but also make it work faster. It is just like the hard disk on a personal computer, the more it is filled, the performance will deteriorate. And when internal memory is mostly free, you will see a star difference in the performance of any computer or electronic gadget. That is the case with smartphones to and that’s why search options must be given to the users.

While in some cases some smartphone manufacturers deliberately do this and installed many software and tools. All the software uses the data and information of the user as it is mandatory by virtually all of them. You must have noticed whenever you are trying to install a new app, it asks for access to your personal information like Google account, photos, and videos. Not many people think about this and with an unknown app, this can be a dangerous activity.


After now I have mostly described that negative aspects of this place told apps. So do not think that they are bad, and you must uninstall them right away. Some of the applications like calendars, maps, browsers, and email clients can be very useful for the end-users. We all use them daily and multiple times a day. And if they will try to search for similar apps on Google Play and App Store, it can be very costly for them. That is why these free installed apps are sometimes very useful. 

Final Word 

In the future, things won’t change much because mobile app development will not change drastically.  And the smartphone manufacturers will continue to pre-installed apps on their phones. It is up to the end-user to ensure that the phone he is buying is free from most of the apps that are of no use to him. There are thousands of review sites available online which can guide you in this country.

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