LED Rope Lights – all about LED rope lighting


The LED rope lights are the latest in LED lighting. It has many great features that make it a better choice than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights. One of those features is its ability to be cut at any point, while still having power running through the rest of the line. This makes them perfect for places where you need more flexibility with your installation or want to create different lengths of illumination without using multiple lights.

What are LED rope lights?

LED rope lights are long versitle strands which illuminate using LED technology. They are perfect for use in many places and situations – including industrial or poolside settings.

LED rope lights are versatile and can be used in a number of different ways.  They are perfect for illuminating commercial, industrial or poolside settings, as well as around the home.

Lower running costs than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting make them an appealing choice when it comes to selecting the right lighting solution.

What are they used for?

LED Rope Lighting is used to illuminate the insides of tunnels, bridges and other long stretches of dark pathways, or for highlighting specific areas.

LED rope lights are also used on boats where it may be difficult to alter wiring so non-mains voltage ropes.

While industrial engineering uses are plentiful when it comes to the applications it is integral for, there are a lot of domestic and professional usages too.

LED rope lights are fantastic for functions, exhibitions, parties and events. They can be used to create the atmosphere you’re looking for with a wide spectrum of colours that will suit your needs.

How do LED rope lights work?

LED rope light is a new invention that combines the benefits of traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting. They are comprised of long strands made up of small sections, with one segment containing an LED bulb (around 100 LEDs per metre). The segments contain a series circuit running along their length, so that when you install it the entirety of the rope illuminates.

Each strand is powered by a low voltage power supply, so there are no high voltages or currents involved. In turn, this means LED rope lights can be used to line walkways and pathways without the need for safety barriers – they’re also safe in wet conditions as well!

LED Rope Lights: What’s inside?

Surprisingly, the inside of LED Rope Lights is a  lot simpler than you might think. There are two types of LED rope light construction:

Inner wire conductor (IWC) – this is the most common type, and it consists of a single inner wire that runs through each segment in the strand. The current flows from one end to the other via the wires inside, so there’s no need for too much additional wiring.

The second type is the LED rope light where each segment contains its own driver, and it’s more difficult to use as there are many wires required for power distribution.

Both types of LED Rope Lights will provide a long life span with little maintenance if they’re correctly used – but it does take time getting your head around. That’s why it’s fantastic to get the help of a professional in the know.