Key Features of Web 3.0


Imagine an internet ecosystem where everything -content, apps, and properties- is owned and controlled by users. Yes, Web3 is here, and global adoption is fast-approaching. How does Web3 impact web design? As a web developer, the key features of Web3 will interest you.

What is Web3?

Web3 is the next phase of the internet that exists on the blockchain. Developers will create a virtual ecosystem where users can interact using virtual characters. The technology will dispense the problem of distance and lag time that the present internet phase faces. Web3 holds a lot of promises for the world, but the first people to get a glimpse of those promises are blockchain and web developers.

What are the Key Features?

Among the numerous features and benefits of Web3, these three stand out:

  1. Trustless ecosystem: Web3 will allow users to use and exchange data without going through a third party. That will give them direct ownership and remove big tech monopolies. Web3 will be powered by blockchain or direct peer-to-peer interaction. There will be no governing or regulatory body breathing down users’ necks.
  2. Artificial intelligence: AI will play a massive role in Web3. AI-driven solutions will see more use in Web3 as previous limitations to connectivity are removed. Because data is open-source and saved from every device, machine learning will be faster and more efficient. In the end, users will have access to intelligent computing services.
  3. Decentralization and ubiquitous data: Data in Web3 will be stored on devices linked together in a network. It means that there will be no central authority that can manipulate data in any way. Data will also be easy to gather as it would be readily available. The internet of things (IoT) comes to mind.

Web3 will create a world where physical distance is of little consequence for most human activities.

How Will Web3 Impact Web Design?

Web development, as we know it, is at an advanced stage. But imagine the endless possibilities of being able to create whatever features, themes, designs, and buttons that you can imagine without having to perform complex mental calculations on how to translate your ideas into code. For business owners, it ensures data protection and discourages manipulation.

With Web3, web developers will have a complete modern tool for exploring their imagination and bringing unimagined benefits. Web design is set to take on a new meaning; it is only wise for developers to position themselves early for the change.