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If you want to reach more consumers in an efficacious manner and sell your products in a nice way, then the only way is to switch to marketplace. With the merger of with Real, the associated marketplace has become immensely important. With the right software for inventory management and a corresponding concept, you too can benefit from the advantages and significantly expand your online trade. A target group as large as possible plays a decisive role in successful online sales. The large marketplaces in particular are therefore of interest to companies interested in growth. Instead of starting to sell your own products headlong and in a rush, you should create a concept in advance and use the digital possibilities for comprehensive success. for Sellers –

That is why the marketplace is a good choice for ambitious sellers. Online retail has around 32 million visitors every month. This means: 32 million potential customers could become aware of your offer and strike if they are interested. For ambitious sellers looking for new and efficient sales opportunities, this platform is accordingly a very good choice. platform offers the right target group for every industry and every offer. Each seller is given the opportunity to offer their own products to potential customers, whether clothing, shoes, garden accessories, or common technology, if you want to reach new customers and a broad target group, online trading with is a good decision.

Good Customer Support –

With appealing conditions, online trading is proving to be an appealing option for selling your own products. The operator himself points out low prices for the sale and states that they avoid hidden costs. If you have any questions or problems, especially at the beginning, the platform offers 1st level customer support. For this you need a good software that can make your day-to-day sales in online retail even easier. You can also test the service providers and if you want to know more.

Selling at –

The sale in works somewhat this way – Anyone who decides to sell their own products directly via the platform will benefit from their own interface when using modern software. This enables, for example, a simple integration of offers with just a few clicks and a largely automated process of sales in important categories. It is not necessary to focus on a specific software, as the platform for online trading offers well over 70 interfaces for importing and exporting data. You can also connect with Kaufland Händler online. Online shopping can be done on with just a few clicks. The products are then sold as usual. The space provides over 5000 product categories in order to efficiently sort your own offer and to make the search much easier for the customer.

Software for Marketing with –

The purchase process, including payment, takes place via the marketplace itself and the customer has access to over ten payment methods. Due to the simple, fast processing and the outsourcing of numerous processes, selling via the platform is a simple possibility for efficient growth in There are various software that work together perfectly. You can also get software for efficient inventory management, which is mainly used in online trading. Some good software offers their own interface especially for Kaufland’s platform. This enables the maintenance of the article data, an automated inventory comparison of the offered products and an automated import of orders. When the order is processed, the customer receives up-to-date feedback on the status, for example if the shipment was successful, including the corresponding tracking number. & –

The Kaufland online marketplace has been connected to the marketplace since April 14, 2021. The stationary trade of over 680 branches was merged with the online business. Kaufland.DE of the Schwarz Group has thus become the largest German online marketplace. As a Kaufland dealer, you have the option of putting your products on the Kaufland shelves online. Well over 7000 dealers already offer over 25 million items in 5000 product categories. The Kaufland marketplace is thus one of the fastest growing online marketplaces in Germany.

Registering on – has over 7000 dealers are already doing this successfully. They offer 25 million articles to German customers. 32 million customers buy online in the Kaufland online marketplace every month. Germany’s largest and fastest growing online marketplace. It also has Multi-channel marketing already included. offers fair conditions and over 70 interfaces also to your merchandise management or ERP system. offers first level support and much more. These are just a few reasons why you should also offer your products on the Kaufland marketplace. Selling at Kaufland has been so easy. To register at simply upload your trade license or extract from the commercial register online, name a few details about yourself as a dealer and note your German tax number, and you are already registered as a Kaufland dealer on the Kaufland marketplace.