Installation Free Apps – Things to Know



Apps are a great way for businesses to come closer to the customer’s worlds. Through the applications we can learn about the new product launch and details of the products. These also help us to tally the effectiveness of every products based on the review and ratings on the app. Customers are preferring buying through the apps to such an extent that every year significant numbers of businesses are entering into app field. There are new kinds of app that require no installation. These installation free quik apps are based on the industry standards and also on frontend tech stack. The apps are capable of supporting native rendering. These apps possess the advantages of both native apps as well as HTML5 apps. Users can enjoy the same performance and experience as native apps without installing these apps. 

Native experience

These apps are equipped with native rendering technology which enables these to provide experience and functions similar to native Android apps. These apps require less memory than native apps and can be automatically updated. 

Low Cost

These apps which provide same functions as android apps require 20 percent less code amount to be developed. This helps in reducing the cost of app development. CSS and Java Script can be used for developing these apps and HTML5 apps can be quickly converted into quick apps.

High retention

As these apps do not require installation, users can just tap open a quick app. These apps can be added to home screen by any user who wants to us it later. A used app can be accessed again through entries like push notification or recently used apps. Once you upload your apps, various channels can be used for distribution.