Information Guide: Shopify Unite 2020 Overview


To help businesses, digitize, Shopify is developing new tools and updates for its e-commerce system that makes it undoubtedly the most comprehensive yet.

Here I share some of the Shopify loyalty rewards program updates announced at Shopify Reunite 2020

Shopify Balance

An independent payment and money management system (those of us who use PayPal know that most of the time it is a headache to integrate it with other applications). It includes a physical card, tools for managing cash flow, expenses and others, and a system of rewards, discounts, and cashback.

Shopify Capital

Access small business financing from $ 200 to $ 1,000,000 and does not focus on credit history, they will not use the business as collateral either.

Shopify Pay Installments

Recognizing that customers have financial difficulties, the payment method in installments will be enabled, without interest or surcharges. The store owner will receive the full payment and Shopify will collect the installment payments without risk to the store owner.

Shopify Email

Shopify will include in its platform the option of being able to do “email marketing” with automated emails, templates to customize, to have direct communication with store customers, achieve repeat purchases, do “retargeting” etc.

Google Shopping Free

Through the Google Shopping app, you can include the list of your free products so that they appear in the search engine without having to pay additional.

New Express Theme

Designed as a single page with easy access and focused on mobile navigation, for people with a small product catalog.

Gift Cards

The sale of gift cards will be free on all Shopify plans.


With the food, delivery and pickup businesses in mind, Shopify will enable the option to collect tips on its platform. This option will also serve to allow donations to non-profit entities.

International Sales

To achieve better international visibility, Shopify will enable local domains based on the country, language and currency of the person doing the Google search. In this way to be able to direct international traffic to the store to create buyer confidence, improve the SEO strategy.

New experience in the design of the

Shopify store will enable “drag & drop” functions to make the design of the store and navigation easier without requiring the use of codes.

Checkout and Subscriptions

They will be enabling applications to maximize the checkout process to include a diversity of options including subscriptions.

Shopify Ping

Free messaging app that allows store owners to talk to their customers, answer questions, and more. This will give consumers more confidence when making purchasing decisions. It integrates with applications such as Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, and Shopify Chat so that the buyer can communicate through their preferred platform.


One of the most time-consuming tasks is adding products. Shopify will allow people to add products more quickly from the cell phone. They will be enabling functions to optimize the creation of products in the desktop version, allowing to create products by batch or “bulk”.

List of Orders

Shopify has redesigned the “view” of the orders to be able to see in a single page all the information of the order. They will also be enabling the ‘delivery and pick up’ option, including a Shopify Delivery App to optimize the creation of delivery routes.

They will be enabling functions to integrate physical stores with an online store