Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Commercial Label Printer for Your Warehouse


Commercial label printers are designed to handle higher volumes than regular desktop label printers can do. They are capable of holding roll stock up to 8 inches or 200 mm wide. But if you are buying a label printer such as a TSC desktop warehouse label printer, you do not just consider stock capacity.  Commercial label printers differ in terms of efficiency and quality. So, if you are on the market for warehouse label printers, here are things you must look for:

Printing Rate and Speed

Often, you should prioritize a label printer’s printing rate. Warehouse label printers work at varying speeds. A printer that can print quickly can require less time to get the job done, which in turn can reduce the amount of ink to be used. 

Wireless Connectivity

Often, a crowded office or a busy workplace can benefit from a label printer’s wireless connectivity. But this feature may not be necessary in other cases. So, if you need a printer that has wireless connectivity, opt for one that can connect to a Wi-Fi or computer.

Ease of Use

Some warehouse label printers may not work with both Mac and Windows systems. Thus, you should check this out first since there isn’t much you can do if you end up buying a printer that cannot be used with your system. 

A lot of label printers have pre-installed image editing software, fonts, stock templates, and ink pre-ordering. Such features make these machines easier to use and enhance your labels’ quality. Also, the ink capacity of a commercial label printer decides how often you will refill the ink to get the device working again. Not all cartridges are easy to load.

Other Important Factors to Consider

It is important to consider customer service when buying a label printer from a supplier or manufacturer. Some brands and manufacturers do not have a prompt, dependable support hotline. So, make sure to check this before you purchase a printer.  

Moreover, keep in mind that some warehouse label printers have a limit on the number of labels they can print. Thus, keep this cap in mind and compare it with your specific need. Also, a lot of these printers can be used as stamp printers. This allows you to make the most out of the printer. Some label printers can also be used scanners and copiers.  

The right warehouse label printer for you depends on your particular needs. For instance, you might opt for a printer with multiple functions than one with a high-speed rate.