How to use online shopping analytics to increase sales


“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.” truly said Peter Sondergaard, executive vice president and member of Gartner’s operating committee.

Online shopping analytics allows you to get point-by-point data for your online store’s traffic and deals. It doesn’t make any difference what kind of business you have or what your selling, Analytics is a staple part of your advertising plan that will allow you to screen and develop online conversions.

Analytics can appear to be somewhat frustrating. Some of the time it’s difficult to tell which measurements or reports apply to your-commerce store, and which ones are simply waste. Here are some ways you can use online shopping analytics to increase sales.

Customer Retention:

One of the notable difficulties observed by the retail business today is ‘customer retention’. Online shopping analytics can assist retailers with connecting with customers at each phase of the lifecycle by converting the conditional example into helpful experiences. By performing methods like customer division, bunching, and anticipating, retailers can recognize their productive customer base, foresee their behavior, and do focused on promotions. To build a lot of wallet strategies like strategically pitch/up-sell analytics, market analysis, continuous sales analysis, and proposal systems can be used. These methods help in envisioning customer behavior, occasional interest designs, sales patterns, market evaluation, and much more.

Retail Marketing:

Online shopping analytics plays a vital part in creating good plans for productive campaigns. It begins with planning the campaign schedule over a business cycle period followed by executing and building up the correct customers for each campaign. An intuitive dashboard addressing different KPI measurements can be used for fast and simple audits to measure and assess the performance of the campaigns. Likewise, insightful plans, for example, customer lifetime value improvement and Geo-focusing can be employed for planning Reward Programs and customized promotions. GroupBy Inc. is an organization that is a search, merchandising, and SEO solution company. Enabled by machine learning they allow online shopping analytics with the GroupBy Software that also facilitates retail marketing.


Another helpful measure that would profit online retailers is giving customized recommendations and promotions. Using analytics makes this test simpler by better recognizing customer’s buy practices, past buy history, and performance of various items on the site. With the assistance of such information, retailers can send progressed AI calculations and recommend redid items that would possibly build item sales. This sort of knowledge additionally improves the general buyer experience and would change into more visits and more buys. With regards to shopper practices, there is a no size fits all sort of pattern since everyone will react differently. With the help of modern customer segmentation methods, one can recognize various qualities of the customer base and would then be able to focus on every one of these sections with explicit promotions.