How to Prevent Mobile Ad Fraud?


Due to covid-19, all businesses are shifted online, and one thing that can make their business alive is marketing. Internet marketing through advertisement is a basic need of all businesses. With the new advancement in technology hackers, market criminals are stealing money and make transactions from user’s accounts. They create techniques to make it unpredictable and catch the prey easily. To protect yourself from being fooled by these frauds, you must know general information.

Mobile Ad Fraud

It is an advertisement fraud that is used to steal the budget of one advertisement. There are many ways of ad fraud like click spamming, click injection and many more. They take benefit from user’s clicks and views that are for decently visible advertisement. These problems happen due to improper law-making of illegal use of technology. There are few basic types of Mobile ad frauds a marketer must understand:

  1. Click spam:

The fraudsters use this technique to generate a click for the user who is not wise enough to understand the spamming. They hijack your click and move you to a whole other website, basically stealing the client and the budget a business company spent on that advert.

  1. Fake installs:

These frames are used to make human-like actions and install apps asa human does. Fraudsters target teams of humans who interact with the installation. They usually recreate their addresses and passwords from time to time so no one can catch them as new users.

  1. Fake users:

Fraudsters use many mobile apps to dohuman-like activities. They use malware, bots, iframes, and all other stuff to increase fake users’ ratio, which can continuously benefit them by advertisement. Click bots and click farms are used for this purpose.

Why do mobile ad frauds happen?

This a way to make money more quickly and easily; even chances of capturing are very low. When the business marketers invest in adds more, it can make fraudsters a golden treasure as their next goal. Criminal activities are happening in every field, but losses are huge in case of no law-making and limits. Some unfaithful personalities help these fraudsters in their wrong ideas. In short, weak management in the online world is the biggest issue that consumes 25% to 35% of a company’s budget.

Protection and Detection


CTIT stands for Click to install time; it is the time duration between when a person clicks on install and when they firstopen it. Your protection from ad frauds is given by that method. It is important for preventing ad fraud. When an application is first downloaded, it can mark it as its first opening and register as well;otherwise, SDK code can’t run.

IP mismatching

Another way through which you can detect the fake user and fake installations is through IP. It can detect the time pattern of mismatching between click IPs and install IPs. It should be easier for a publisher to check a clear pattern for traffic and mismatching.These techniques are used for the prevention and detection of any mysterious behaviors.

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