How popular is Ebay?


Finding something you want on eBay is always as easy as it should be. So you can understand the popularity of the site.

Use the eBay sitemap

The eBay catalog, or sitemap, search is the “umbrella” of eBay’s full range of offerings, from clothing to pets to engines. It’s a good place to start a general search with a broad focus, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for or if you want to see all the deals eBay has at a glance.

Use Advanced Search

EBay Advanced Search is only available by clicking the “Advanced Search” link next to the eBay search bar at the top of each eBay page. Here you can use a variety of filters to narrow your search, search eBay Motors, search for seller and bidder, find a specific item number and more. This is why selling on ebay happens to be so important.

You can use Advanced Search to search by keywords, article number (and specify how you want these queries to be arranged); search within a category, search by title and description, search the complete and sold list (especially useful if you are trying to sell something and want to see how much is in the current market), search in price ranges, buy formats and many other options, including:

  • Find items currently for sale based on price, location, purchase formats and other criteria. You can also limit your searches to a specific seller, currency, or shipping option.
  • Find eBay Motors items sorted by brand, date, location, etc.
  • Find a seller by entering in their eBay user ID and see what they did to eBay.
  • Search for your bidder to see what they’ve been bidding on lately (you also need a user ID for this).
  • Item number: Find an eBay auction item through its unique code.

EBay Magazine

Look for store items in the way the general auction items are found. This is very useful because the items in the store do not always appear in a summary eBay search.

Find a store: Is there a store on eBay that you are trying to find? This is the right place to do it. You can search by item or store name.

EBay members

You can search for eBay members by their unique user code, find them in their profile, ad lists, or stored information; or, if you have an email address, you can see what eBay ID is linked to their email.

You can also get contact information from an eBay member you’re currently doing business with. If you request this information, your information will be shared with the members you contact (this is a security measure to discourage inappropriate requests).

EBay stores: online recordings organized around a specific person, topic, or collection can be a great way to try everything eBay has to offer. Use the eBay Stores search page to find exactly what you’re looking for: premium stores, anchor stores, or advanced store search offer something for any eBay buyer.