How to Become an Ethical Hacker 


Ethical hacking has been a popular niche for young code-heads for years. There is a certain thrill in being on the team that finds the probes than being the one writing them. When it comes to ethical hacking, there is a high demand for skilled talent. The businesses that work with sensitive data, public information or system securities often rely on hackers and penetrations testers to find vulnerabilities in their system. It’s important to detect this in-house. Instead of leaving your systems exposed to a threat from an illegal hack. 

In recent times, the job of hackers has been glamorized by films, giving it the due diligence it needs in the world of software. The many hacking movies like “The Great Hack, Who Am I?” and “War Games” have put the spotlight on the world of hacking. These are not just inspiring a generation of ethical hackers, but also educating the users about the loopholes of the internet. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when if you want to take this route less taken: 

Get Certification

Since no college can give you a degree in this, it makes the most sense to invest in an online course. There are many options online so make sure you find one that covers more and fits your understanding the best.  Being a qualified CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) has a better chance of getting industry work than one without a certificate. 

These courses also allow you to interact with active hackers and learn industry insights and shortcuts to help you in the long run. These courses cover the complex science behind creating a Trojan or virus and coding in backdoors. It also proves a working knowledge of SQL injection, system hacking, and web-server attacks and de-coding encryptions.

Learn From Doing

Unlike any other file in the IT industry, this line of work has very little formal training. You make the best out of the courses on the internet and the rest is practice. The more you work on the subject, the better you get at it. You will need to have a long-term commitment to the task and be able to communicate the issues of the system in a simple way to the client. 

Your work does not end at tech-knowledge. You need to be as street savvy as you can. A good hacker will be able to obtain information and data about the test network to add a human touch to the online hack. 

Stay Ethical

Watching hacker movies might seem to give you the Goosebumps, but keep in mind what is legal and what is not. Don’t get washed away by the tide into the muddy waters of illegal hacking. There are serious reproductions to this, including heavy fines and jail time.  Once you are caught in the act, you also have no chance to even be trusted in the field. So make sure to always keep the ethical in ethical hacking.