How Improving Healthcare Communications Is Possible With HIPAA Compliant Instant Messaging?


Communication plays a crucial role not only for other business industries but also for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Despite the fact that more hospitals are developing and implementing their own BYOD policies, instant text messaging has become a common thing for communicating patient data! The downfall of using standard text messaging applications is that these aren’t HIPAA compliant! Plus, they also fail to protect the confidential information of patients adequately. For this reason, the use of secure messaging apps like HIPAA compliantcomes into the frame. With the use of such secured tools, improving healthcare communication becomes seamless.


  • Appointment reminders


Another advantage of HIPAA complaint is its Text appointment reminder. Not only does it improve the efficiency of a healthcare organization but it also improves health outcomes and patient satisfactions. Since today’s communication system has undergone a drastic change, it is quite common for patients’ to communicate with doctors and nurses via texts.


  • Budget-friendly


Another benefit of text messaging is the low cost when it is compared to the manual phone calls or emails. As a matter of fact, manual contact with the patients always need hours of staff time. And let’s be honest, it is expensive! A limited number of calls can get completed within a timeframe. With the help of SMS patient communication, it can solve both expense and time problems for all the healthcare organizations.


  • More Effective and efficient workflows


An access to a solution which can efficiently allow sharing of patient information can help nurses and doctors save lives.With the use of a HIPAA compliant messaging system, the healthcare organizations can also streamline the internal processes and manage workforce efficiently.

What makes HIPAA compliant instant messaging a standalone option is the fact that it is not only beneficial for doctors and nurse but is also convenient for patients and their families.