Four Tips To Develop An Effective Lead Nurture System


 This article reveals four tips (or stages) for small businesses to develop a system that can nurture leads.

Tip #1. Build your list. No doubt.

That is always the first thing that you must keep in mind. You always want to have results quickly. This may lead to you not doing the right things right from the start. It is sometimes very tempting to buy lists. You must start with generating your own leads which would be of quality and relevant to your business and products.

Tip #2. Develop a product that people cannot reject, or create very professional content for your niche/industry.

You must have more than plenty knowledge in your industry that other people do not possess at all or do not possess enough. Based on your knowledge and expertise in the area, you can actively create webinar materials, short free courses, whitepaper, infographics, reference data, etc. This purpose which this approach is that these all would form the materials for your content marketing plan, and through all these you are showing to the world or more importantly to your potential customers that you are in fact have the expertise in your industry.

Do not forget. Not only is your product your product. Nowadays, your content is also a big part of your product.

Tip #3. Make it very simple to let yourself to start your project quickly.

Set mini goals that are achievable for different stages in your project. Keep in mind that your first mini goal is bring the qualified people onto your website or landing pages regardless whether they would eventually end up buying any products from you.

You have many options up on this front. You can buy paid search advertising such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads, or other paid search ads depending on your exact markets. Or you can plan your entire content marketing strategy with search engine optimization.

Tip #4. Build the customer journey or sales funnel.

When creating your content and website (i.e. landing pages), you should integrate everything into your customer journey or sales funnel, because that is your end goal and you simply want qualified people and put the right people into your lists. Your sales funnel would have to include the lead nurture part. To manually run the nurturing part, it would be too much work and clumsy.

The best option is often to use an email program that is very much like a CRM such as Salesforce, which is sophisticated to set up and relatively expensive for most small businesses. The less expensive but still effective options would be to use tools like Getresponse, Mailchimp, Aweber, Sendinblue, Activecampaign, etc.

When you have set up your tools right, you would be able to segment and tag your contacts properly, and most appropriate content can all be sent to your different lists at the best time.