How Favouritetableis Making Online Table Reservations Simpler for Restaurants


As the globe is recovering from fatal coronavirus, several nations’ governmental authorities have decided to unlock their regions. The U.K. is also proceeding with the unlock, and thus, several services will resume, including dining in restaurant premises. Restaurants will again serve on their premises.

A greater problem has arisen, to fetch customers on their table. People are still afraid to step out and be on the thick grounds of restaurants. Thus, restaurants need smarter strategies to attract customers to their table. According to the government of the U.K., restaurants will roll carpet for alfresco dining. Restaurants will have only outdoor seating plans. Gradually restaurants can open fully or complete indoor and outdoor dining with 100 percent occupancy.

Does the question arise how you will attract customers to your table? Favouritetablecan help you to figure out the best solution possible. Favouritetableis an online table reservation software that enables restaurants to catch maximum customers to their table.

The ready-to-use software is extremely easy, and people can make free table reservations. You can choose Favouritetableas it aims to provide ease to restaurants in their management. The inbuilt system of this software enables restaurants to manage the customers of their premises. Why you should choose Favouritetableas your online table reservation software. Favouritetablehas several inbuilt features that might help the restaurants to manage the crowd efficiently.

  • Booking diary– This feature of Favouritetableenable the restaurants to maintain a record of their customers who are about to come. The restaurants can use a booking diary to maintain the record. This will make the management easy and smooth.
  • Offer and promotions– Restaurants can have their offers and promotions for the customers. Favouritetablewill manifest those offers and promotions on your behalf. The software does not intervene between you and your customers. Favouritetabledoes not have its offers for the customers directly. However, the software will promote your offers and discounts.
  • Booking rules– Favouritetablehas a unique feature of setting some rules. If your restaurant has got a party booking, you can use Favouritetableto manifest laws for your restaurant staff and the customers.
  • Waiting list– One of the best features of Favouritetable, which is beneficial for restaurants, is the waiting list feature. It enables to manage the crowd with full efficiency. Restaurants can put new reservations on a waiting list if the restaurant is full. They can provide customers time slots which will make it efficient for the customers too.
  • Online booking– The post-pandemic is all about how precautious you are. The more safety measures you take, the more customers you will attract. Online booking is the most compelling feature of Favouritetablethat can get your restaurant thick ground. People nowadays prefer to reserve their table before entering the restaurant. So, you can fetch more table reservations through Favouritetable.
  • Capacity management– The unique capacity management feature enables you to keep a check on your restaurant capacity on a specific day. It tells you how many reservations a restaurant can have at a given time. The in-built tools of Favouritetableensure you manage your restaurant capacity well.
  • Analytics report– Keeping a regular record of your restaurant progress is also at Favouritetable. Now you do not have to maintain the record manually of your restaurant progress. Favouritetablewill provide the analytic report of your restaurant business.

Bottom line

Restaurants can have multiple aggregators at one time. So, do not worry, even if you have any other restaurant aggregator. More aggregators mean more business success. Favouritetableis a one-stop solution to grow your business. All you need to do is make a one-time minimal investment in Favouritetable.

Favouritetableensures your restaurant business growth with the best lawful methods.