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FastComet is a high quality web hosting company based in the UK. They offer numerous options for personal, home and business hosting plans. Their services also include reseller hosting plans and Linux VPS. The company offers low monthly prices for accounts that provide unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and domain name access.

Most of the time, people are looking for a way to find out if they are with an ideal hosting service for their websites. As with all hosting plans, they offer varying levels of uptime. They claim to have 99% of their servers within a day of activation. The company has been providing uptime guarantees for three years running. This is not a very common measure however, most companies do not claim this kind of time measurement.

The unique feature of FastComet Hosting is its cpanel hosting control panel and you can further learn about fastcomet here. This control panel is what enables the customer to make any changes or additions to their website. The panel will allow for adding email accounts, FTP accounts, virtual private servers and much more. With cpanel, the customer can access their domain name, emails and virtual private servers from one location. There are several ways for an account to be accessed from the control panel such as through the web browser or a mobile device.

Since the cpanel is the driving force behind FastComet, many of their other hosting services are based around the cpanel hosting platform. In addition to having a high level of uptime, their other features also have a high level of quality and customer satisfaction. One of the most popular features offered by FastComet is the customer-designed web site. All of the customer-designed web sites are provided free of charge.

The primary goal of FastComet is to provide their customers with a high degree of control and insight into how their server is being managed. With this information the customer can fine tune the needs and demands of their company very easily. The basic plans include single website, shared hosting and VPS hosting plans. With the single website plan the customer can have one website hosted on their server with little to no effort. If a company is using a dedicated server or VPS server, they will have many options and features available.

With the shared hosting service the customer can have one website hosted on their server with little to no effort. They will have to share bandwidth and storage space with other websites and will have very limited resources. The shared hosting service is good, if a small company needs to have a simple single website or if they are just looking to start a blog with limited resources and no customer designed web site. With this type of service the response time to an online transaction is very fast due to the low level of overhead by the hosting provider.

The VPS hosting service is where a VPS or Virtual Private Server is used to separate the physical server from the operating system itself. A VPS allows the customer to have complete control over the root folder, database, and website itself. The customer can also install third party software such as WordPress. With the VPS the customer can also install other types of software such as the cPanel and Fantastico. With a cPanel installed the customer has instant access to all of the tools they need to manage and maintain the website very easily.

Many of these hosts provide very cheap prices just like WPX Hosting and you can learn about WPX Hosting here which comes with unlimited disk space, email accounts, and even servers if needed. These types of sites are very popular as they can be used for a variety of purposes depending on the needs of the business. There are a variety of different plans available to choose from and most of the companies offer free website design templates. If you are looking for a reliable way to host your domain name and build a community around your product or service, you should consider FastComet Hosting Services.