Financial technologies are growing like never before – where to invest


Financial technologies are growing over the years. We have seen the massive rise of this industry since the start of the pandemic. Let’s be honest, everyone wants to take a little financial bite from this ever-growing industry but don’t know where to invest. Today, experts will give you a few insights about the particular industries that work like a charm and you may think about those industries before investing.


You have certainly already heard of cryptocurrencies – the most well-known include Bitcoin and Ethereum. The market capitalization and also the number of investors has increased significantly in the last year. With the rise of cryptocurrencies comes the popularization of NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens. In short, NFTs are digital art stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The market is already worth 40 billion euros and experts are expecting a boom in 2022. Artist Beeple’s most expensive NFT sold for $69 million. Many digital artists and tech-savvy people have found a way to generate a lot of revenue with NFTs.But large organizations and companies have also recognized the potential. Nike, for example, bought a tech start-up that creates NFTs of shoes. The NBA, FC Bayern Munich and the US rock band Kings of Leon, to name just a few, have also jumped on the NFT train. We are very excited to see what else we will hear from the non-fungible tokens in the near future.

Streaming industry to the top

After lockdowns, people crave for more real and authentic connections. Those kinds of connections were very rare before 2020. After the pandemic hit, Amazon’s owned company Twitch decided to give a shot to a new idea. They attracted the attention of the live content creators from every field. Twitch was a gaming community for streaming and now you’ll see that people cook, create dresses, manufacturers stream their process and how daily life goes, football players enjoy streaming their training, etc. It’s visible that streaming is the future and you should definitely focus on this industry. How to step into this industry? Have a very strict streaming schedule. Buy Twitch live stream viewers before getting started because it will give you a boost in the future campaigns. Stay very relevant and authentic to the people watching your favorite thing. That’s how you get on top of the Twitch game.

Digitization of mobility

The change in society is accompanied by a change in mobility. Mobility in the 21st century should be sustainable, networked and digital. More and more cars will be able to drive autonomously, enabling the “driver” to make better use of the time in the car. Cars are becoming an “active place to be” – it’s time for mobile living. Even the first tractors are now self-propelled. Apps for vehicle sharing are also becoming more and more sophisticated.