Enabling of Sim and eSim Cards


eSIM is paving the way into the world of modern technology for many years to come without the use of physical SIMs. An eSIM is so much smaller and theft-proof along with tamper-proof managing of which is done remotely. About 20 billion devices are getting connected with the use of eSIMs until 2025.  

Celitech is one of the best eSIM API providers making way into the newer methods of using cellular data in a variety of programmable ways. By using their Wireless service now the risk is reducing with eSIM making its way. The cellular data is available at reasonable rates providing great user experience. 

  • Difficulties of carrying physical cards

Traditional SIM cards are present everywhere with their profiles needed in authenticating devices and providing storage and identification. But these SIM cards cannot pave the way into the cellular future. It is large taking up most space in devices.

There is a problem of theft apart from getting damaged suddenly. SIM cards are still used by so many people and this is going to go on for quite some time. 

  • Providing a programmable solution

eSIM comes out as the ray of hope for creating a better future. It helps in offering a scalable solution for providing access to so many mobile devices. eSIM is seen performing the same work of traditional SIM cards but the network goes through the air. It has an integrated circuit chip fitting permanently to the size.  

  • Improving physical security

eSIM works with the concept of putting the chip along with the credentials in an insertable card mounting on the PCB of the product there itself. eSIM is a chip that is used by shouldering it to the board. These cannot be removed permanently because tempering it can lead to damaging of the eSIM cards. 

Changing from a nano-SIM to eSIM saves a lot of space on mobile devices. It becomes more considerable when a part of the accessible product needs an edge at the specific area working using human fingers. Another concept of iSIM is also on the way to taking zero space. It is an integral part of the device from before. 

  • Providing options to users

eSIMs and iSIMs are allowing customers to select their data plans and change numbers according to will. There is a provision of remote provisioning with SIM information getting changed with the simple changing of the card. eSIM also helps in registering on a single device implying that it can be used even on international traveling. 

If you ever want to change the credentials it is possible just by paying a single tariff. The implantation between SIM and eSIM is the main difference. Both are put in different ways giving the same functions. 

Taking over eSIM is the concept of iSIM working on the System on chip combining processor and cellular modem. The SOC is there on the silicon adding to the authenticated layers of security.  


For the cellular loT to move ahead, the provisions are made for providing solutions on a global scale. eSIMs and iSIMs are creating a modernized world providing safe and reliable SIMs to everyone.