eLiteserver Review- Best Cheap Managed Dedicated Server Hosting in USA

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Managed dedicated server hosting is like the one who takes care of your business in the most difficult times, without making things a mess for you. The cheap managed dedicated servers help in the smooth functioning of your online business. As we all know, running a business in not an easy job. Your website goes through frequent highs and lows of traffic throughout the month or year. In such time, if you use web hosting with less bandwidth, then the chances are that the website will not work. Also, using any cheap or free hosting options doesn’t look helpful in such scenarios, as they do not provide security at all. Thus, we always recommend buying a web hosting plan from a trusted provider. So, if you are looking for an easy hosting option that can withstand the crazy traffic on your website at the same time at a minimal cost then the cheap managed dedicated servers are the right fit for you. This hosting option keeps the website secured and free from threats.

Cheap managed dedicated server hosting is a service, in which your website gets a dedicated hosting space and resources to use. No sharing of space and resources means a breach of information. Thus, we recommend using this type of hosting to all growing businesses. After all, online threats are increasing, but it shouldn’t hamper your business, right?

Ready to get a best cheap managed dedicated server hosting in USA?

Well, we have saved your time, by doing thorough research on various managed IT . From our trial and tested method we came to a conclusion that eLiteserver is the best option to select.

eLiteserver provides cPanel server management and cheap dedicated server hosting only. They focus on only specific hosting types in order to provide the best of what their clients need. The company understands the short-comes of online business and hence is trying to help business owners to overcome them. They have trimmed down their services in-order to provide the most effective cPanel server management service.

Does eLitserver really provide dedicated hosting at a low price?

Yes. eListeserver management can easily handle a fully managed dedicated server. They have kept their prices low too without any hidden cost. All cheap managed dedicated servers from eLiteserver are optimized completely, with various options available to customers at checkout and additional features like Hacker Guard.

eLiteserver’s managed dedicated hosting plans:

Now, you can see, their prices are really affordable even small businesses can afford it.

Let’s now look at the amazing features offered with cheap managed dedicated servers :

(1)Complete Admin Control –

Every user gets complete admin access so that they can make changes to the website whenever they want. The company also provides a cPanel server management service, in case you are not tech-savvy and don’t have anyone to handle it on your behalf.

(2) Easy Migration –

They really do the migration process very smoothly. In case you are not happy with your current provider, just get in touch with eLiteserver and they will do your migration on their server without any data loss.

(3) 100% Network Uptime Guarantee –

There are very few providers, who can guarantee of providing 100% uptime, and eLiteserver is one of them. Your website’s uptime plays an important role to keep it running on the internet. Thus, to display it immediately on the world wide web, eLiteserver gives its customers a 100% network uptime guarantee.

(4) Support –

In case you don’t have an IT department and anyone to handle the IT work, then you know the pain of handling the tech work. But, with eLiteserver you don’t have to worry about it, as their support team works for 24/7 in order to help all customers.

(5) Activation within Minutes –

No need to wait for long hours to deploy the cheap managed dedicated server hosting. As soon as, you make the purchase, the company’s team activates your account, so that the website doesn’t have to wait long to perform.

(6) Pricing Guarantee –

The company takes the guarantee that you would never find such cheap pricing of hosting service. In order to assure you that, they also say, you can search and struggle as much as you want, but no other company can match their price and the service they offer. So, make your choice soon.

Why should I get cheap managed dedicated server hosting?

In a fully managed dedicated server, you get the server’s administration, setup, management, and support for free. Also, resources are not shared with other websites, which gives high security.

Wrapping Up :

If your online business is growing and shared hosting isn’t doing the right job then, it’s your time to switch to cheap managed dedicated server hosting. It is best to deal with websites with medium to high traffic or even websites that have seasonal high traffic.