Discover 5 benefits of Instagram for business in digital marketing strategy


To have a business profile, it is essential to have a page of your business on Instagram. But, a page is different from a personal profile, if you don’t have one, try to create it.

After that, normally open an Instagram account for your brand. Once done, go to your profile and touch the three dots located at the top right of the screen that give access to the settings and access the option “Change to business profile”. Log in with Facebook, and link your page to your business Instagram. Now just take 5 advantage of your business profile.

Instagram insights

Do you know Google Analytics? The Instagram Insights is the functionality of the social network that gives you accesses the profile metrics as well as Analytics. However, the Insights interface is more accessible, giving the user the following information:

  • Scope: total number of unique accounts that viewed any of your publications
  • Impressions: total number of times that all publications were viewed
  • Profile visits: number of times your profile was viewed
  • Followers: growth in the number of followers, days and times they are active, in addition to age, gender and location statistics.

All of these statics can also be seen in a sectioned way by postings made.

Instagram Ads

With Ads it is possible to promote posts by boosting them in a paid way. To do this, just click on the “Promote” button located just below the published image or video. Then, just define the goal of the promotion, the action button, the budget, and the duration. Instagram Ads allows you to determine the audience automatically or manually by location and interests.

Action buttons on the profile

Another interesting function is the contact buttons that are available in the profile. To add them, simply enter your contact information when editing the profile. Thus, the user who accesses your account can send you message through Instagram DM, choose to send you an email, make a call or know the location of your establishment.

Access to stories even after 24h

All stories are saved in the commercial profile for more than 24 hours giving access to statistics or insights. It is possible to see the reach, impressions, and actions performed by the users who visit the profile, click on the poll or answer by Direct. Also, bring information about the shortcuts made by users such as taps to return, taps to advance to the next story, swipes to leave your story and swipe to leave Stories.

New functionality: “buy now”

Going even further into e-commerce, Instagram made available, the “Buy now” button for posts with commercialized articles. When click on “buy now”, the user will be directed to the normal online shopping environment of the store.