Come on, Learn How to Make an Anti Mainstream Calendar


Calendar is one of the mandatory items that must be in the house. As a person who is busy working or looking for red dates, you must be very diligent in checking the calendar. It’s just that, you must be bored, with the usual calendar design. Better learn how to make your own unique and interesting easy calendar on

As a useful object to show the date, we must often find a calendar either hanging at home, at school, or on the office desk. However, usually the calendar has a standard shape and looks very monotonous. So that your days are more productive, it’s better for you to make your own custom version that is your hallmark with these 3 easy ways to make a calendar. Come on, come on. seen!

How to Create a Calendar with Microsoft Word

You can practically make a calendar with the default application from your computer or laptop. One of them by using Microsoft Word. How to make a calendar with Microsoft Word you can do by using templates on that are already available and you just have to choose or you can do it manually.

To create a calendar with a template in Word, here are the steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Word, then hover over the search field and type “Calendar”.
  2. A wide selection of calendar templates will appear for you to choose from. Make sure that your laptop or computer is connected to the internet.
  3. Choose the template you want and click the “Create” option to start downloading the template.
  4. When the calendar has finished downloading, you can immediately change the layout and colors on the calendar according to your wishes.
  5. Open Microsoft Word, and click “Blank document” to start a new document.
  6. Type the name of any month such as January or March for your calendar, then click “Enter”. The month will automatically be above the monthly table on the calendar.
  7. Select the “Insert” tab, then hover over and click the “Table” section.
  8. Make a table with a 7×5 or 7×6 format depending on the month you are going to create.
  9. Fill in the top column in the table with the name of the day. You can start from the leftmost column to the right from Sunday to Saturday or from Monday to Sunday.
  10. Drag the box in the second column below the day name to enlarge the section that you can later fill in with the calendar date.
  11. Fill in the boxes with the start date of the month until the end.

When you’re done creating the date, you can go back and add notes for holidays, special events, or birthdays by writing below the numbers in the date column.

Now you just need to copy and paste the month that you have created to complete your calendar. So that’s how to easily create a calendar using Microsoft Office Word. If you want need more lets go to , How? Very practical, right? No need to download applications or go to special sites, just use this Windows operating system default software!