Energy Efficiency in New Home Construction


New and innovative methods are constantly being applied to the construction industry, and this is no different for new home construction. During the home construction process, builders are often taking advantage of new energy-efficient methods that can help to reduce the cost of utilities as well as the environmental impact of the home in Venice. Whether you are planning to move to a new home community in Manatee County or build your own home elsewhere in Florida, there are some important things to know about energy efficiency in new home construction. 

What Does it Mean to Have an Energy-Efficient Home? 

First of all, you might be wondering what it means to live in an energy-efficient home. In summary, an energy-efficient home is one that reduces energy consumption, thus saving money for the homeowners and creating a more sustainable way of living. Energy-efficient homes often contain features that help to reduce unnecessary energy usage as well as non-renewable energy sources that have a negative impact on the environment.

What are the Typical Energy-Efficient Measures in New Homes? 

You may have been told that a new home is more efficient when it comes to saving energy, but what does this mean? Here are some of the typical energy-efficient measures in new homes that could help you save money and reduce your impact on the environment. 

  • Ventilation systems: Good ventilation systems will filter out the dirty air in your home, making it a much cleaner place to live. New homes are usually designed to have excellent ventilation systems, with windows and fans installed as well. The combination of these features can help to improve the energy efficiency of your home and save money. 
  • Smart appliances: Smart appliances can help you reduce the amount of energy and water you use by automatically controlling factors such as temperature and usage. Smart thermostats and smart bulbs are just two examples of the smart features that are often included in new homes in Manatee County. 
  • Insulation: Effective insulation is a critical part of maintaining a comfortable temperature within your home. When your home is airtight and does not have any leaks or cracks, you can expect effective insulation throughout.
  • LED light bulbs: Many new homes come with LED light bulbs, recognizing how much money and energy can be saved as a result. Lights are estimated to cost around 14% of your energy bill. LED lights reduce the amount of heat that is emitted, thus saving electricity and money. 
  • Saving water: Water recycling systems are included in many new, energy-efficient homes. These systems help you to save water by recycling used water from showers, sinks, and washing machines. The water is reused in the bathroom or channeled outside to the garden. 

Why Should You Consider an Energy-Efficient Home? 

If you are conscious of the impact of your lifestyle on the environment, buying a new home that has energy-efficient features could help you reduce emissions and energy wastage. It can help you to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle in a new home community in Manatee County. 

As well as reducing the impact on the environment and setting yourself up for a more sustainable future, you will also be able to save money through utilizing energy-efficient features in a new home. You could make significant savings on your monthly utilities by investing in an energy-efficient home. 

Buy an Energy-Efficient Home in Florida

You can move into an energy-efficient home in a stunning new home community in Manatee County, like Vistera of Venice. As a new homeowner, you will have a chance to save money on your monthly outgoings and enjoy a modern and sustainable life in Florida.