BudgetVM Review – High-Performance Cloud Hosting Provider


One of the greatest obstacles that people face while using hosting services is the space that they have. A majority of the people run their domains on the shared server. However, such practices have become traditional. The latest option is cloud web hosting, and it’s quite interesting to note. It differs somewhat from shared hosting and offers a unique balance of features that previously could not get passed down to people.

Foremost, before we can move forward, it’s important to understand how cloud systems could work. This buzzword is being thrown around all over the Internet, and many are getting confused about how it can be employed. Cloud servers can be configured to provide customers a high level of performance, secure database, and control similar to those of a dedicated hosting server. The only difference is you can’t use solely the whole server like dedicated hosting, it will be in the shared server environment.

Finding a host is a real hassle because these days there are a plethora of companies that are in the quest to prove themselves better than others and they blind novice users to insist on them to take their services. 

However, don’t get trapped by the marketing hype of these businesses, and analyze by yourself what qualities you are looking for in a cloud hosting company. Moving from one option to another is not easy, but there are a few aspects that you can consider narrowing things down. 

In this guide, I will introduce you to one of the renowned cloud hosting company BudgetVM and its full-fledged features, which will persuade you to buy their plans without a second thought.

BudgetVM’s Cloud Hosting can be the Best Option for You

I read thousands of positive reviews online by myself, and a couple of friends of mine recommended me to this company who had a wonderful experience with BudgetVM, so I decided there wasn’t much to lose. As per my preferences, BudgetVM fits exactly with the storage space that I needed – plenty for even a few of my sites to be hosted on one account. Besides this, BudgetVM offered me email accounts and MySQL databases, and fantastic e-commerce functionality, which fascinated me most.

Here are a few of their client’s testimonials

budgetvm reviews.png

Turning to customer service, BudgetVM has the world’s best customer support team who assist the client with every small thing regarding hosting a domain. You can also access their control panel with ease or you can take the help of their customer support.

So, overall, I really like BudgetVM and I give this host a full thumbs up. What I’ve seen so far – you can’t go wrong with BudgetVM.

There are hundreds of Web Hosting companies out there, and choosing the right one for your specific needs can be a baffling task. If you are in the process of choosing a web host for your business or personal needs, you should definitely have a look at BudgetVM’s cloud hosting needs as they can cater to your need in a better manner.


Here is an overview of price structure

cloud hosting budgetvm.png

 There are various specification which impels people to choose their cloud hosting plans

  1. Guaranteed resources

If your website is already running well on some credible sources, however, you want to move it to cloud hosting, then BudgetVM’s cloud servers are the most trustworthy resources where you will get the maximum uptime guarantee, efficiency, and top performance of your website.

  1. Money-back guarantee

If their services do not match your expectations, you can request a money-back guarantee. Based on your usage and duration, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users that you can read on their legal agreement.

  1. Server management

I know that a growing business needs more maintenance on all levels. By taking care of the IT aspect, BudgetVM allows you to focus on other, more important business issues and can manage your server just by a small monthly amount of $50. If you want to manage the server by yourself, their representatives will help you get set up and be there to help to get familiar with c-panel whenever you need it. Either way, you would reap the benefits of their services.

  1. Scalability

Their cloud servers are always ready for your business’s growth. You can add CPU and RAM with a click. You can reap the benefits of our scaling option just with an additional few dollars option, which automatically adds more resources in a time of unexpected traffic bunches, preventing traffic loss and downtime of your website. For example, you can opt for additional IP’s just for $1 every month 

  1. Customer Service

None of the least, you would probably require a customer support team who can assist you with your issues. Don’t worry, they have 24 by 7 support services who patiently listen to their clients’ concerns and assist them with the best solution.

  1. Affiliate Commission

Being their customer can turn out to be fruitful for you. Recommend a friend to take their services and they will reward you in return. I would gladly like to share that I have made $3000 so far just by recommending people to opt for their hosting services. 

So what are you thinking? Go and grab the opportunity to be their customer now!