Best Use of the Windows 11: What Makes it So Special?


Microsoft released Windows 11 last month, marking the first major upgrade to the long-running operating system in in five years, including the system’s first name change in nearly as long. Release of Windows 11 began on October 5; however, it will be delivered in stages to devices that are compatible with the upgrade. (Whether you don’t want to wait, we’ve included steps for checking if your PC is compatible and downloading it ahead of schedule.)

Installing Android apps on a Windows 11 PC is now feasible. Microsoft Teams, the Start menu, and the overall look of the programme have all been updated to be more minimalistic and evocative of the style of Mac applications. (We’ve compiled a list of all the best new features in Windows 11 and included tips on how to make the most of them.) Please be aware that not all of the functionality is currently available at this time.

This article covers all the bases, giving you the lowdown on Windows 11’s price, compatibility, release date, download links, and nifty new features.

A few of Windows 11’s most exciting new features are described here

A reworked UI that takes cues from Apple’s design

Windows 11 is minimalist in design, with rounded corners, pastel hues, and a centralised Start menu and Taskbar.

Applications designed specifically for Android

When Android apps become available for Windows 11, customers will be able to access the Amazon Appstore via the redesigned Microsoft Store. Even though there were previously a few workarounds for utilising Android apps on Windows 10, this will make it natural, especially for those who use a Samsung Galaxy phone. The windows 11 home retail key is essential here.


Remember the desktop gadgets in Windows Vista? Those were widgets. However, with the latest update to Windows 10, widgets can be accessed from the Taskbar and modified to show whatever information you choose.

Microsoft Team is getting a facelift and will soon be accessible from the Windows 11 Taskbar. It’ll be easier to use now (and more like Apple’s FaceTime in that respect). Teams is available on whatever platform you use, whether it Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS.

Innovations made possible by Xbox’s technology for the gaming industry

Addition of Xbox One technologies like Auto HDR and DirectStorage to your Windows PC will greatly improve your gaming experience.

Support for virtual desktops should be improved.

Switch easily between several desktops with Windows 11, which allows you to set up virtual desktops in a way more akin to the Mac operating system. This is useful for a variety of purposes, including personal, professional, academic, and gaming usage. You may also customise each virtual workstation by changing its background image.

Improved multitasking and a less jarring shift from desktop to portable computing

Features like Snap Groups and Snap Layouts are included in the new OS. These groups of presently active programmes are shown in the Taskbar and may be brought to the front or minimised all at once. It’s also much less of a hassle to switch between monitors, and you won’t have to worry about losing your window locations in the process.