Best USB Microphones for PS5


There is too much competition in the market for popular streaming microphones. While you buy the product, the device that you choose must be reliable. Certain best PS5 USB microphones arereasonable and come with top-notch quality. The audio needs to be clear when streaming. In this article, we will look into some of the best USB microphones for PS5. Do read this article: Which mic you can use for PS5 gaming to know more

  • Multipurpose Blue Yeti X USB Microphone: This is a reliable mic when compared to other high-end mics. It can pick high-quality audio by using different recording patterns with zero-latency headphone output by using the 3.5 mm jack for listening to your recording.
  • Internal pop filter: HyperX Quadcast Microphone: As the name itself suggests, it has an Anti-vibration shock mount, an internal pop filter, four polar pickup patterns for recording all that you need. Even though it does not appear very stylish, the features that it processes make it attractive.
  • For beginners Blue Snowball USB Microphone: Enables the user to enjoy amazing audio quality at low cost and is excellent for PS5 streaming. There are only a few pickup patterns to do the recording and hence it makes it less versatile to use for other purposes. This is the best microphone for beginners.
  • Portable: Razer Seiren Mini USB Streaming Microphone: The Seiren Mini offers good quality,cheap and portable microphones.  It has a unidirectional pickup pattern that comes in there different colors like white, black, and pink. Even though it is not so fancy like the other microphones that are mentioned in the list, it is still a great microphone for amazing audio that comes at a reasonable price.
  • Making waves Elgato Wave 3- USB Condenser Microphone: The microphone comes with a built-in tech for preventing audio distortion when the volumes are loud and it bestows crystal clear audio while playing with your friends or while streaming.
  • All about gaming Razer Seiren X USB Streaming Microphone:The Razer Seiren Microphone is specifically designed for gaming purposes. Its features include zero-latency monitoring, built-in shock absorber to mitigate the vibrations that may occur after hitting the desks with one or more than one death in the game.
  • One Pickup pattern: Audio – Technical ATR2500X: This could be numbered as insufficient in terms ofversatility. It has just one pick-up pattern to record the audio. It is sufficient to stream the PlayStation 4. Any unwanted sound that may occur is just dismissed.
  • Front panel mixer Samson Technologies Samson G-Track Pro: This is slightly on the expensive side.  The features include three pick-up recording patterns. At the front of the microphone,there is a front panel mixer that controls different sound levels and the volume.

In this article, we have discussed some of the best USB microphones for PS5 games. Most of the streamers would recommend Blue Snowball or Blue Yeti X microphone as they come withamazing features and are affordable. Apart from streaming, they can be used to record much more. Hope this article can guide you to choose the best USB microphones for PS5 games.