Auto IG Followers vs Instant IG Followers

Social Media

With more than a billion monthly active users, Instagram has emerged as the leading social media platform, not just for influencers, but also brands and companies. Your digital marketing campaign is practically incomplete without Instagram in the mix. The success of an account, for obvious reasons, is determined by the number of followers and likes. If your Instagram hasn’t been performing as expected, chances are high that your strategies are either outdated or need a boost. 

Knowing the concept of auto and instant Instagram followers

If you want to give a jumpstart to your IG account, you can Visit Apexfollowers, for getting high quality followers and likes. There are typically two standard options – Instant Followers and Automatic Followers. 

  1. In case of Automatic Followers, a small number of followers will be added to your IG account on a regular basis, typically per day. This is the natural way an Instagram account would grow with time. The boost in numbers feels organic and absolutely in sync with Instagram expectations. 
  2. The second option is getting Instant Followers. As the name suggests, this is a onetime purchase, where a certain number of followers are added to your account immediately. Instant Followers can be obtained in just a few minutes. For some users, this might be a slightly better option, especially if their account has stagnated, or when a marketing campaign requires certain number of Instagram followers. 

One advantage of auto IG followers is the ease at which new followers are added. You don’t need to log into your account, or place an order every day. Instant followers can be also added for new accounts that must find an immediate start to marketing and promotions. 

The costs depend on the service, but you can gain high quality Instagram followers for as low as $2. 

What else can help in gaining more followers?

  1. Instagram is about visual content, and it is important to have a strategy to plan and post contents that focuses on the target audience. 
  2. Make sure that your content is unique, and use hashtags that are not just unique, but also common to the niche. 
  3. Rely on collaborations and partner with similar brands, so that you can gain from mutual exposure. Repost from the right accounts to get more views. 

Finally, be consistent. You cannot expect your Instagram account to grow, if you don’t post regular content or don’t have a theme or story to tell.