5 Easy Ways to Attract More Viewers to Your YouTube Videos


It seems 3 in 4 Americans use Youtube which makes it one of the most used social media sites in the U.S. With that popularity comes the enormous potential to use Youtube videos to market your business or generate viewer-related income. To do that, you need to build your fan base and a loyal following.

What’s the secret to attracting more views? In this article, we’re going to talk you through 5 easy ways to attract more viewers to your channel. These 5 points are what separate Youtube success from Youtube obscurity.

  1. Fulfill a Genuine Need

While it’s true people browse Youtube for entertainment, the videos that get traction and increase the number of viewings over time are the ones that provide practical advice. These are called ‘How To’ videos.

They are a brilliant example of fulfilling a genuine need. You need to identify your target audience and then create content that they want. You can use social media to guide you or reach out and ask.

  1. Create a Reason to Subscribe

The more subscribers you have the more successful your Youtube channel will be. This is because every time you release a new video, you already have a potential audience. So how do you get people to subscribe?

You need to create a compelling reason to do so. That means creating content that is connected to the next release and motivating viewers to not want to miss what is coming next.

  1. Organized is Visible

This is about creating logical and meaningful playlists that will help your existing subscribers and potential new viewers to find the relevant content you’ve created. The clearer and easier it is for the viewers, the more likely they are going to keep clicking on your content. If you do a really good job they won’t even have to download your content, they will just keep coming back to your channel again and again.

  1. Maximize the Tools

Youtube offers some excellent marketing tools. Make sure you know what they are and are fully utilizing them. An example is the end cards that you can create at the end of your video.

This is a way of promoting other relevant content that they can click on and view. Another great tool is software to create a Youtube custom thumbnail. Using a tool like this will help your videos stand out and spark interest in search results.

  1. Follow the Watch Time

Make use of the analytic tools available from Youtube. A major indicator of quality that Youtube uses to assess your videos is how long people spend watching them. Keep an eye on which videos are attracting the longest viewing times.

Those videos are your most successful ones. You should try to create videos that follow a similar format so as to keep viewers engaged for longer.

Successful Youtube Videos

In this article, you’ve read about 5 easy ways to attract more viewers to your Youtube videos. Follow these tips and you’ll see the number of Youtube views and subscribers steadily increasing.

Remember that to be successful on Youtube you must invest the time needed for the preparation, delivery, and marketing of your content. Once you get the formula right, you can get creating more Youtube content.

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