5 Awesome home page web Design layouts you can copy today


If you are looking for great home page Web Design layouts that you could copy then you are in the right place. We are here to help you out with that. Remember, a website need not look complicated to make it efficient and have great visual look. Visit https://vimi.co/ today to get in touch with us. In this post we are going cheap customer service technology to guide you about how you could make a great homepage web design without being a professional.

1. Convincing Visitors

It is important to make sure your content is convincing so that your visitor can stick around your website for longer. Make sure to make it simple and specific. Add a catchy Headline, Sub-Headline, and a Call to Action is a must for any good Web Design. Make sure your webpage can guide users about what to do next. Don’t forget to add videos, images and links either. Plus, a navigation bar is important to make the page flexible.

2. The Content

Visitors are usually looking for quick information and hence, they may not scroll down to go through every bit of information. A good Web Design will make any user scroll down to your content only if your web page got some catchy headlines. So make sure your headlines are at par with the content. The content must be convincing to create loyal followers. Don’t forget to add the additional information which aren’t crucial but important for you to make your first impression great.

3. Brand Awareness

It is important to make sure your visitors remember what you are and what your provide just by the name of the business. It is important to add your unique logo, a catchy tagline and the purpose of your business. Make your customers know what is your business or product is about.

4. Mint

For example, check out Mint. The homepage is built with simplicity, got its logo and a catchy sub-headline. The vibe it gives will make any visitor scroll through its content. Call to action is provided for engaging customers.

5. TechValidate

Another example you could take is of the TechValidate. Their homepage used the whitespaces brilliantly and the headlines are compelling too. Information is provided in proper hierarchy and any user can find what they are actually looking for. There are various other great examples of beautiful and convincing home pages of other websites like Scrapd, FreshBooks, etc.