4 Secret SEO Strategies to Enhance Your Website Organic Traffic For 2020



When doing search engine optimization or SEO for yourself or for clients, there are two major areas to consider – on-page and off-page optimization. 

Tips to use

This is a list of SEO tips that you can follow to improve your clients’ website search results. These could be advertised as “SEO secret” strategies to new clients or even some of your existing ones. Chandler web design agency offers SEO services – so here are somethings that can be done.


You need to start “spying” on the client’s competitors. You can learn lots from profiles such as: 

  • Keywords
  • Site layout
  • Products offered
  • Content

And there are4 tools you can use to spy on the competition.


By searching for a domain, you will gather information on how much traffic a competitor has. It might not always be accurate but it is a factor that many uses. 


This is a tool that is powerful for spying on competitor’s Adword campaigns. 

WhoisDomain Tools

These can be used to see the owner of a domain and to find who they are, who hosts them, their address and phone number. 

Google alert

Google alert offers a service you might want to sign up for. They will notify you by email whenever certain words are mentioned online. This is quite useful when monitoring a client’s brand or keywords. 

Good for business

A good website consultant should always spy on the client’s competitors – it is good for business. Also, find out the type of visitors coming to their websites, the amount of traffic they get and with this information form a view of their potential audience and market. 

Influence factors

Any good web consultant should also know that getting links to client’s sites are important to SEO but so is the quality of these links. Here is what matters to search engines and anything to make these better is gold:

  • Backlinks to site
  • Quality of links
  • Anchor text of links