Why should Start-Up Companies Focus on Agile Product Development Cycle?


technology start-up would need a good and effective product development plan. These companies have budget constraint; hence decisions related to the product development would make the difference between failure and success. Many companies realise their errors, only when it’s too late and there is no chance of return. Errors could be a product or services that have no market need, or clients would not have a good experience regarding the service or product. 

If you are a solopreneur, a medium-sized business, or a multi-million dollar company, you would need a product to improve business process, boost efficiencies, and increase productivity and not to forget revenue and profit. Here in this guest post, you will get to know how agile product development can help startup technology companies achieve the afore-mentioned features and qualities. 

What is an agile product development?

Agile means a way of dealing or succeeding in a difficult and challenging environment or the ability to adapt o difficult situations. The agile product development life cycle includes an incremental and iterative approach that builds digital products. The flexible software development for startups works on small modules and components at a time. In most cases, customer feedbacks help in making the iterations, which brings improvement in the project. 

Over-engineering of the product

Eagerness to succeed, forces start-ups to put in more efforts than needed on the technical aspects, which means a financial burden on the company, though you would gain technical excellence. Many companies could not bring their product into the market in time only because the priority was on engineering rather than timely delivery and absence of guidance proffered by IT consulting services. These avoidable minor hiccups could put the start-up behind in the fast-paced world. 

A responsible start-up owner would hire developers for startup to build features fast and change frequently, by learning through user feedback. Embracing additional features to satisfy early customers could be a step towards success.  

Misinterpretation of user feedback

 A start-up owner would have an emotional bond with their product. As an owner, you would not be open for feedback or you would not be in a position to accept feedback, just like top it consulting firms. Many people get diverted and focus only on positive comments, without concentrating on the negative feedback. 

Focusing on negative feedback would help in improving the product and performance measurement framework. It would also help in understanding what works best for them and customers’ sentiment.

Disruption of product implementation

It is normal for a star-up owner to think of ways to improve the product. With an eagerness to deliver, they would try to implement various ideas into the product development cycle, which could be postponing the development process and thereby the launch date. 

Many industry experts suggest adding new ideas to a queue for future implementation, but at present going ahead with the pre-decided plan. 

Agile methodology and experimentation

Building a prototype is always a great idea, as it is economical and fast. It would generate real values and insight into the bigger unknown about the product. If it is a success, then it would confirm that the product plan is great.

Experimenting should not be an isolated activity, but the management needs to concentrate on this aspect during the product development culture. It would help in effectively improving the product and create value for users.

Modern digital media could also help in better understanding of the user experience. With the help of net promoter score (NPS), you can get the feedback and customer satisfaction levels. This type of information should aid in the improvement and make you aware of the user expectations; thus towards working about it. 

The development team would need a wide range of skills such as deep technology understanding, product sense, and development expertise. It aids in making informed decisions. 

If you wish to shine and create a strong foothold in the market, then you would need to hire developers for startup, to achieve business goals.