Which is the best employee monitoring software?


The shift in the work culture caused by the pandemic has altered the landscape for the organizations and enterprises across the globe. There has been massive transition to remote work structure with employees working from their respective homes. This change in dynamic has brought new challenges and responsibilities for the managers and employers.

Ensuring security and keeping the productivity up are two of the biggest objectives that need to be ticked in the remote setup. There are several remote monitoring tools and applications that help in keeping a close tab on the employee activities while providing detailed stats in custom based reports. These reports help in breaking down different aspects of the work related to productivity and security.

Different features provided by monitoring software

The Work Examiner is one of the most reliable brands in the industry when it comes to remote monitoring software and related tools as well as applications. The employee monitoring software provided by work examiner is packed with advanced features and provides a comprehensive monitoring solution to the managers and their enterprises. Some of the salient features that you get with this monitoring tool includes monitoring, management, notifications, recording, reporting, and filtering.

Each of these features go a long way in helping the organizations build an effective framework for remote setup and providing streamlined path to success. The monitoring tools from work examiner display all types of computer activities that are being performed by the employees in real time which includes key strokes, web surfing, printing, downloading, or messaging. The monitoring tool provided by work examiner also supports the disabling of unwanted features. Besides this, the switching between tray and stealth icon modes enables the software to operate with or even without the knowledge of the users.

The employee monitoring software from work examiner is our choice as it also provides the management of different tools wherein you can prescribe your rules, redirect, block, categorize, or schedule based on the business requirements. You can also provide different access levels to dashboard plus set up numerous profiles depending on the structure of the company.

The process for implementing the employee monitoring software is not complex and it is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is sign up to the platform and pick the specific solution that you need. Then install the program followed by customization as per your business requirements. Now you can start monitoring to keep a track of the employee performance.