What is a Digital Mailroom Solution?


The world of business and technology can often feel overwhelming, as it seems like things are constantly changing. The way that most companies handle their mail has not changed much in the last few decades, and the need for a digital mailroom solution has become prevalent in recent times to help get companies and their mailrooms up to the modern era.

Making the Most of You’re Mailroom

We all know how mailrooms usually operate. You have someone or a team of people sort through the mail. They determine which department and specific people the mail needs to go to, and then they deliver it to the proper place.

After the mail is received by the people who need to read it, they then need to open each letter individually and decide what mail should be prioritized. This becomes more difficult as paper mail begins to pile up.

Digital mailrooms make this process more efficient by dealing with the mail in an offsite location and sending a digital copy of all of the mail to the people who need to read it. They use high quality scanners to ensure maximum readability for employees through the software.

The software that most digital mailrooms use is useful because you are given a lot of control. That means that you can easily set up the software in a way that works best for your company, no matter the configuration. 

Another feature provided by the software is that you can select multiple recipients for a single piece of mail. Ensuring personally that multiple people saw a piece of mail will definitely make your meetings go by more smoothly, and that also helps you save on paper costs from printing out copies of mail pieces.

That is not the only way that these companies save you money. They also save you on storage costs because digital files are cheaper to store than physical mail. Also, destruction becomes more efficient because all it takes to delete a file is a click of a button instead of hiring a company to come and shred the mail for you. 

On top of all of those savings, digital mail is incredibly secure. Most digital mailrooms use an end-to-end encryption that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to intercept it during the delivery process. This is a lot more secure than physical mail because many people come into contact with the mail and have full control over it.

Getting Your Digital Mailroom Set Up

As we mentioned, this entire process is incredibly easy because of the simplicity of the software. It is super easy for anyone to set up the software and switch to using a digital mailroom. You could make the switch in a very short amount of time, which is perfect for businesses that are still closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.