What Is A Community Manager?

Social Media

It is called in many ways: manager social networks, an expert in social media, social media specialist, responsible for social media strategies, online reputation manager, etc. and is that a Community Manager is all that and much more.

A CM is a digital marketing professional responsible for creating, managing, maintaining, and growing an online community around a brand or company, creating and maintaining relationships with its followers.

This professional is the brand’s voice towards its customers and users in general, so you must make sure that the person you hire for this position has the knowledge and skills necessary to correctly defend your company’s image.

What is not a Community Manager?

Despite what many people think, a CM is not just anyone who has an account on social networks or knows how to use them or buy cheap instagram followers.

We must get out of our heads the idea that anyone can do this job: our intern, a young person who understands something about the digital world, our receptionist or administrative or customer service staff.

Not only is the management of social networks required for this performance, but you must know about marketing, advertising, communication, and public relations, learn how to write correctly and without spelling mistakes, and be able to develop promotional strategies on social networks.

This is why many brands or companies tell me that social networks do not work for them to get more visibility or increase their sales. If there is no right professional behind social media who implements a strategy according to the company’s objectives, you will merely be publishing content.

What Are The Functions Of The Community Manager?

Listen To The Followers

Social networks are the preferred means of communication for their users for customer service. 

You must listen and answer the followers to grow your community and know what your customers expect from your brand.

You would be surprised by what you can learn from your followers if you pay attention to them, from what differentiates you from your competition to what they need from your brand.

Transmit Interesting Data To Adapt To The Strategies Of Our Company

Through your followers’ interactions with your content, you can learn a lot and know if what you are doing brings you Closer to your goals or if you should consider a new strategy.

Create And Share Creative, Quality, And Engaging Content

Users of social networks receive many visual impacts every day; you should try to stand out to pay attention to your content.

Dare to be different! But always respecting the brand; if you are not consistent, you will not get them to trust you.

Create Relationships With Followers And Take Care Of Them So That They Last

Make your followers feel part of your brand, answer them when they have any questions, and thank them when they share your content. You can also create polls or ask questions, so they know that their opinion is essential.