Understand Your Choices For the Right And the Most Performing Virtual Receptionist


According to surveys, seven out of 10 businesses have found that they will need less office space in the future. For want of a more eloquent phrase, demand for office space is decreasing while supply increases. Security and digitization are critical concerns for companies that rely on office and coworking space leasing. Several of them have recently chosen to simplify their operations by using a virtual receptionist. What extra value does it bring to their lives?

Old assets have lost their use

Until recently, the distinguishing features of business centres were a prime location, a beautiful historic building, a luxurious interior, and personalized service. At least until the coronavirus emerged, this approach seemed to be working effectively. Businesses were suddenly interested in finding a more efficient method to do things. They must now rely on new benefits to attract tenants. They discovered that using a virtual receptionist is a cost-effective way of preventing vacancies and lowering rental rates in their properties. These are their squabbles.

Telecommuters and renters alike need the assistance of a personal receptionist

One of the most dramatic changes has been the fast rise of hybrid labour. Working hours have grown much more flexible, with individuals working part-time at an office and part-time at home. With the help of a virtual receptionist, responding to this new trend is simplified. When an unexpected delivery comes, suppliers or visitors are immediately welcomed, and the teleworker is constantly informed in real-time of their presence.

Additionally, employees may use the virtual reception to deliver and store items for colleagues who work from home or other places. They are then notified immediately. Additionally, they are alerted when mail or registered mail is received, enabling them to get the goods directly upon returning to the office.

Priority must be given to health and safety

Our worldview has changed considerably. Health and safety have vaulted to the top of the priority list overnight. Tenants want guarantees that everyone will adhere to the building’s sanitary requirements. In this regard, virtual receptionists are an incredibly efficient choice for coworking spaces and office centres. It educates employees and visitors about coronavirus precautions in the workplace and conducts a brief health check regularly in the case of a virus epidemic.

Additionally, a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser with an integrated safety sensor is incorporated, ensuring that everyone entering the business disinfects their hands before entering. When a visitor checks in, the receptionist prints an “all clear” badge for them, contributing to the facility’s overall sense of security. It’s a win-win scenario for all parties involved.


According to statistics, one in every three workers is worried about being exposed to pollution on the job. To ensure that their employees and customers can meet and work safely, business leaders look for more than “office space.” They want a security procedure that all participants to the transaction adhere to.