The Techniques for Levitation Photography


Levitation is one technique that exists in photography. Levitation method will make the object look like as if it is floating or flying. Planned of levitation photography can be done with manual or editing procedure.

Techniques for Photographers

Levitation image utilizing DSLR/SLR with the burst setting by pressing one time on the shutter button you can create some photos at the same time. So, you just choose which picture that fits well with the levitation position.

You can keep in mind what kind of a shutter lag camera. Shutter lag is a gap time from you pushing the shutter button to the image you are caught by its electronic camera due to the fact that every camera has different shutter lag.

If doing the levitation outside, you need to make certain that there is UV light straightway in order, it will show up the shadow and the levitation will look perfect.

You can utilize a high shutter speed. Because adequate lights are a duty to obtain high shutter rate, the feature it freezes the motion.

If you utilize the camera of your smartphone, try levitation on outdoor with direct sunlight, in addition, making shutter rate higher.

With lower camera placement, the angle can be chosen, from the model itself so that it looks high as well as drifting.

Also, a high angle shoot can be selected with highlights, it must be dark and the model will look separated while doing levitation.

How to Catch Individuals Dive

The hardest thing in levitation is to make a model like it is floating. Since not just about a model knows how to do levitation properly, also the photography itself.

The simple means to obtain a picture when the item is leaping, you should concentrate your camera on the item. When concentrating the camera, the model will do the jump.

After focus, give a checking from 1 to 3. On 3, the design should jump and you click the shutter.

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