The Best Employee Monitoring Software for 2020


Get the best from your virtual team  and work seamlessly as a PRO

What is employee monitoring:

It a question that is now most searched over the internet. COVID-19 pandemic has forced almost every company to switch to remote working. Well, in simple words Remote working is working from home.

People generally confuse it with freelancing. But it’s not like that. Because you still have a stable job. You don’t have to leave your job or look for one.

All this working from home makes is not as easy as it sounds. When you work as an employer or manager you need to monitor your employee’s efficiency, productivity, accountability, etc.

Why you need one?

If you are planning on tracking things such as internal texts, internet usage, website usage, employee attendance then you definitely need an employee monitoring software.

These software or tool will stabilize your management process. You can then manage your project effectively. It allows you to keep track of each member of your team.

This software gives you the benefit as if you are working in an office environment. It helps you overcome the challenges of working from home. You can communicate with your remote workers, guide them, monitor them, and always remain in touch with them.

Which one you should choose?

With lots of tools available online you can be baffled in choosing that perfect monitoring tool for you. Don’t worry we have an all-in-one tool for you where you can manage your work seamlessly.

You require a tool like WorkExaminer, monitoring for employees, managing your work, navigating your team, and other tasks.

WorkExaminer is loaded with many features like secrete surveillance, internet monitoring, work time tracking.

All its unique features give you complete control over your team. You can track their time on application usage, web usage, and more.

Detailed analytical reports help you examine your team productivity. You can have remote access to your worker’s computer and restrict any activity that causes distraction.

It provides seamless communication between team members and management and gives a smooth workflow.

Its secure cloud-based platform prevents any possibility of data theft. With it, you don’t have to worry about your data privacy.

Rob Marvin, editor of PC Magazine has a full guide for choosing the best employee monitoring tool. You can check it out for more amazing tips and tricks for making your work from home easy.