Steps To Manage A Volunteer Program 


If your organization is new and you have minimal experience in managing volunteers and campaigns, you might likely be nervous. Although handling a volunteer program is complex, and you will feel the pressure initially, you need the correct techniques and methods to understand how a volunteer program is managed without wasting your energy and time. As a founder of a non-profit organization, you have plenty on your plate, so it is always better to look for options that can reduce your work and increase your time to invest in other aspects of the organization. 

With technological advancement, managing a volunteer team has become relatively simple with efficient management software. These tools provide a complete platform to connect and reach out to your volunteers for any events, campaigns, or tasks. If you are looking for a robust management tool, you must visit Vome Volunteer as soon as possible. 

Steps to manage a volunteer program 

  • Recruitment

The essential step of managing a volunteer program is recruiting suitable people for your non-profit organization. Every organization is different in its way. For example, if your organization supports animals, you must recruit volunteers that are interested in increasing awareness about animals and must know other species and their habitats. If the volunteers want to work in your organization but have no similar interest or skill set, there is no point in recruiting a supporter like that. It will only increase unnecessary crowds in the organization, leading to commotion. 

To boost the recruitment process, you must pre-determine the qualities you are looking for in a volunteer before you start interviewing people for openings. This way, it will be much easier for you to select the perfect candidate and eliminate the people who do not fit into the respected criteria. 

Any non-profit organization must collect vital information while recruiting a volunteer, like educational background, languages they speak, skill set, hobbies, interests, etc. All such details help the project manager and volunteer managers of your organization to delegate tasks to others about things they are passionate about. Ensuring the volunteer gets functions related to their interest will give you maximum efficiency and excellent results. 

  • Engagement 

Once you have recruited all the volunteers, creating a hospitable environment in which they feel welcomed is essential. Every volunteer must think they are beneficial for the organization and appreciated well for their hard work. 

Make sure you avoid recruiting volunteers who do not have the relevant skill set for your organization. Appointing such supporters will reduce productivity in your organization, and you will end up with a high turnover of volunteers.