Sony A6000 or Canon: find out which camera is the most cost-effective


Anyone looking for quality semi-professional cameras can end up on the fence when choosing between the Canon Rebel and the Sony a6000. Sony A6000 has the convenience of mirror less technology and access to more advanced technologies than the rival. Read on to find out which one has the best specifications, the most balanced cost-benefit and is the best choice for your needs.

Sony A6000: It is the oldest model, but great for photos –

Sony A6000 design may be more interesting for those who need a smaller camera. Canon Rebel and Sony A6000 are quite different cameras because Canon’s machine is a DSLR, which inevitably ends up making it bigger, heavier and more difficult to transport. The A6000, on the other hand, is a mirror less: smaller and lighter. It can fit in a pocket and be securely accommodated even in the tightest spaces. Do you want to know all the specifications and features in detail? Read the Sony a6000 review now.

Sony’s camera has higher resolution and more features, such as Wi-Fi and NFC. Sony’s camera has better technical specifications than its rival. The resolution is higher: 24.3 megapixels against Canon’s 18 MP. Color depth is also better on the A6000, with a 24.1-bit register versus 21.7 bits possible on the Canon sensor. Other positive factors are the higher speed of Sony’s camera in sequential shots and RAW shooting. Sony’s camera also has more effective ISO, with 1,347 against 681 of the rival. Comparing it to autofocus technology, Canon pays off a little because it has a faster and more accurate system. Regarding video recording, Sony has a small advantage because it can capture at 60 frames per second. The Rebel T5i is limited to 30 frames. Sony’s camera has Wi-Fi and NFC, which are not part of Canon’s connectivity features. However, the Rebel has compatibility with a total of 220 lenses and an interface that can be operated via a touch screen.

Battery life: Sony has enough power –

Canon has a superior battery life, but it drains the battery faster than the Sony. According to the manufacturer’s figures, Canon Rebel can take a total of 360 photos before draining out the battery completely. On the other hand, the Sony A6000 offers enough power for 400+ shots. Another aspect that makes Canon T5i camera less interesting from the point of view of availability is the fact that, unlike the Sony a6000, it is more difficult to find in recognized stores. Honestly speaking, Sony’s camera is technologically superior, easier to carry and offers a range of features. However, the price is high. Who needs a more portable camera, with greater ease to share files, and does not care so much for the much higher price, finds in Sony A6000 a more interesting option.

Great ally for video recording –

The Sony Alpha A6000 is a very good purchase option for its quality and current price. It is a small-sized, robust camera, aimed at medium-advanced amateur photographers looking for speed of focus even in low light situations. It has multiple customizable options, automatic focus, and WIFI and NFC connectivity. If you are fond of video recording this is a great option, the Sony A6000 has a Full HD recording format of up to 60 fps. With the a6000, you can record video in 4K with full pixel reading. Despite being an old model, Sony a6000 is still a very interesting option for those looking for a quality camera to take basic photos. It’s a camera with a good sensor, a good burst speed, an autofocus system, and a great price. For this reason it has been the best-selling camera in recent years.