Recognition of Your Organization’s Current and Future Digital Accessibility


It is well known that digital technology has limitations, especially for disabled individuals. Disability affects one billion people worldwide. However, just 2% of websites comply with accessibility guidelines. Even if more services and information are available online, millions of people still suffer. Utilizing instant access to cutting-edge technologies is highly beneficial. Some say the scenario is like a nightmare.

According to the research, more internet access may benefit salespeople and marketers. Despite not being required by law, it is morally acceptable. If more consumers have easy-to-read digital content, sales leads and revenue may improve. Because of this, a large portion of the populace is more likely to patronize moral firms.

Marketing handles website management, PR, and brand awareness. Sales and marketing workers need digital data for this reason. Not being able to upgrade their digital accessibility systems poses issues. When this happens, a full-service QA testing team like QualityLogic is helpful.

Their pros will evaluate your website to determine what needs to be changed. They will advise your company on digital accessibility and online content creation. Your firm will succeed in many ways with their help.

Why Is Digital Content Access Vital?

The following ethical and legal arguments support the use of technology and digital accessibility in website design:

ADA violations can result in fines and other consequences. Consider this example: A wheelchair-bound person cannot access a company’s website, according to a court ruling. The issue can be resolved with exemplary or other pecuniary fines and reasonable legal fees. Addressing the issue may require this.

Blindness and other visual impairments impact one billion people, or 15% of the global population. Customers will stop using technology and websites and find it harder to get basic services.

Digital accessibility benefits disabled and non-disabled people. A website developed for accessibility should be easy to find for most people.

You can improve employee and customer relations by building a strong corporate culture. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) operations and policies are becoming a primary focus for companies, but much work remains.

Internet Access Affects Your Company in What Ways?

Digital accessibility goals aim to increase internet access. If they implement more inclusive and standardized digital standards, businesses may protect their brand and grow their client base.

Prioritizing internet access is moral and social. Over 61 million Americans have vision, hearing, and learning issues. This emphasizes the importance of having a range of websites, advertising campaigns, and social media activity available to and understood by a large number of customers.

Accessibility must be legal too. Internet accessibility court cases have increased in recent years. The US alone has hundreds of comparable problems. The ADA requires all businesses to build and maintain disability-friendly websites.

It’s crucial to understand how the company’s accessibility efforts affect its reputation. One of marketing and sales’ most important tasks is building and maintaining a brand’s reputation.

Businesses that excel in accessibility and social responsibility were honored. Customers are 62% more likely to return to a firm that accepts charitable donations. Respectable businesses that follow societal norms attract higher-paying clients.

The expectation that firms will donate to organizations they support and value is growing. Many organizations, especially in competitive areas, have found that proclaiming their diversity commitment has a big impact. Promoting digital accessibility should not involve “aesthetics.”. Therefore, it would be beneficial to continue the procedure because it is right.

Enhancing Your Company’s Online Presence

Improving your company’s internet connectivity is a continual process, but starting is easy.


You should know your clients’ problems. Consider yourself a client. Being aware of exclusions and their repercussions is crucial. Learn what bothersome users do to themselves. Reach out to these users.

Check for Organizational Support

You must do more than address minor technical faults on your website to make the internet more accessible to disabled people. The company needs a major overhaul. To meet everyone’s needs, a multidisciplinary team is needed. The team may include developers, designers, salespeople, and content experts.

QualityLogic, a full-service quality assurance testing company, may use strategies like these:

  • Accessibility audits are conducted often, and issues are resolved quickly.
  • The language is simple and jargon-free.
  • All selections and designs are made by the user.
  • Accessibility is crucial when introducing new activities.
  • List your priorities and put them in order.

Plan to achieve your goals. Recognizing that accessibility demands constant effort is crucial. Your sales and marketing divisions should promote this plan, which will be well-received by all staff.

How to Get Digital Access

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) asserts the Act considers internet accessibility, even though it has not been amended.

To assess additional difficulties, digital resources are available. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires government agencies to make every effort to communicate with disabled people. We must ensure that disabled people have access to alternate resources if they cannot use these platforms’ data and information. Everyone, regardless of impairment, should have equal access.

The 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act added provisions to the Communications Act of 1934 to make technology more accessible to disabled people. Title I of the Act specifies “advanced” communication technology requirements, whereas Title II describes televisions, television services, TV shows, and internet video streaming accessibility. Title II of the Act sets internet usage guidelines.

Since 2016, Directive 2016/2102 has regulated EU accessibility regulations. A directive is an EU statute with a specific goal.

In Conclusion

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