Logo Design Tips for 2020


Logo design is incredibly important – with logos holding the ability to capture attention and custom, when designed correctly. With this is mind we are here to share some top tips for all companies looking to revamp and revitalise their logos for 2020.

There are many different tips available to companies now looking to update and change their logos, here are our 4 logo design tips for 2020:

Avoid the clichés –With so many companies now within all industries, it pays to have a unique logo that is different from the rest! When it comes to designing a logo be careful to not only look at what is currently trending, remember the right logo will serve you for decades, therefore it is important to get it right. You should come up with a logo that is unique to your business and is not only different to all of the logos that you have previously seen, but better.

Choose fonts wisely – Words and letters are often incorporated in logos – Not only can company names be included in logos to enable companies to be instantly recognised, but wordplay can also make for excellent logo design. When inclosing text in logos it really does matter what font is used – Companies should ensure that they choose fonts that hold the abilities to bring their logos to life – Looking for fonts which match the rest of their business branding and which are easily readable.

What about colour? –Colour is one of the greatest forms of expression – The use of colour can set moods and make logos stand out. When we talk about colour, we don’t only mean the colour of images and text on logos, but also the background. Try to be creative when choosing your colours, and choose colours which represent your brand. If you are a fun and bubbly company you might choose bright colours, where are many formal and financial businesses like to stick to corporate colours such as blue and white.

Keep things simple –Simple presentation is key – the last thing you want to do is overcomplicate things. If you look at the logos of some of the world’s biggest companies including Coca-Cola, Apple, Windows and Nike, you will find they all have one thing in common – They are simple.

Any companies interested in a new logo or web design should speak to a Web Design Agency in Burnley to ensure that they end up with a logo which make a difference!