Leasing Xerox Copiers With All the Supports Now


Think about the energy consumption of the machine and its maintenance. Contracts with preventative visits, repairs and repairs are offered by professionals: do not neglect this aspect.

And to effectively save on your print and copy of documents, use print management software and set up a specific policy for your teams: automatic double-sided printing, dematerialization of data, ban printing emails, encourage black and white copies. For the leasing Xerox copiers choices you can have the best deals now.

To go deeper

Buying a xerox: what you need to know

To equip your offices with an efficient printing solution, you can rent xeroxs and multifunction printers. You can also opt for the xerox purchase. You then become the owner of your equipment, which represents certain advantages. But other points are to be taken into account, especially in terms of maintenance and maintenance of your machines. How much does a xerox cost? Where to go to buy his equipment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method of acquisition? All the answers are in our file.

How to choose a xerox brand?

They are numerous on the market and it is therefore difficult to choose this or that brand xerox. Xerox, Toshiba, Ricoh, Canon. Who to contact to buy or rent a xerox to fit your budget and the needs of your business? We offer you to know more about the leading brands of printing and copying. Products, assets, services, prices, request for quotes you will find without difficulty the brand and the xerox that meet all your requirements.

The xerox maintenance contract: rightly necessary

To ensure the proper functioning of your equipment for the long term possible, it is advisable to take out a xerox maintenance contract. This is between your company and the manufacturer, or even with a distributor or a specialized service provider. Thanks to this contract, you avoid unpleasant surprises, you control your budget and you limit the risk of breakdown. There are some concepts to know before entering into a maintenance contract. To know more, consult our file.

Comparative xerox professional: choose your equipment

Which xerox to choose to equip your offices? On the market, the machines are numerous. They offer a variety of features; what prices reflect. Between a classic analog xerox at 300 euros and a high-volume copier at more than 10,000 dollars, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. That’s why we offer this comparative professional xerox. You will find all the information you need to help you choose your copy and print solution.

Xerox leasing: advantages and disadvantages of this method of acquisition

Leasing, or leasing, is renting equipment to become owner at the end of the contract. If you give up buying a xerox because it is too expensive, this method of financing is relatively similar to renting. We offer you to know more about photocopying leasing contracts: the principle, advantages and disadvantages of this acquisition solution.