Know How Cloud Server Hosting is Safe for Your Business


The changing needs and growing expectations of customers have made way for the web hosting industry. It has been increasing at the same pace and may outrun in the coming years. It offers multiple solutions to a wide range of customers.

It is essential that the host provides safety and security to the data and information stored. A cloud server hosting platform requires you to pay for services that you seek. Data is sheltered from any attack which helps you to focus on business objectives.

You must keep the following security measures in mind for a successful cloud server hosting.

  1. Ask the provider about their security policies

You must be aware of your IT provider’s security policies. It is the most important security measure your organisation can take.

  1. Request for the physical location of your server

Be aware of the physical location of our data. It is possible that it can be stored in a foreign country. Confirm that the data centre area is safe with proper security.

  1. Make sure data uploaded is encrypted

You need to encrypt data if you don’t want someone else to access it. Encryption helps you translate data into a code and store it. Referred to as ciphertext, an individual with sufficient knowledge about computer software can gain access to it.

  1. Regular password change is a must

Avoid using easy passwords for your cloud storage. 90% of passwords can be hacked if necessary measures are not kept in mind. Invent a new pattern for your password and remember it. Change your password frequently and do not leave private credentials on the cloud server hosting page.

  1. Have a secure backup

You need to have a sound backup system in place for your storage. It helps during a sudden system breakdown. The backup process stores data on another media or storage system.

  1. Follow a deletion policy

You should store data for the period as specified in the regulations. After which you must delete obsolete data and information. You should follow this policy to store only useful data.

  1. Check for compliance audits and certifications

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a certification one should for when they opt for cloud server hosting. It is critical to e-commerce business solutions and helps to keep your data safe. Regular audits help to fix any flaws in the vendor management environment, compliance management systems and risk management programs.

Know in advance how much the storage will cost you. Do not end-up overbuying storage. Carefully read the providers’ terms and conditions before signing up. You should always look for alternatives to your cloud storage provider in case of any discrepancy. Microsoft is a popular AWS alternative due to its cheap costs to host the cloud.

Be assured about your recovery plan in the event of data theft. Understand the bandwidth limitations cautiously. You should pick a provider that understands your business thoroughly. Click here for more information.