Is online surveillance a major deal in Japan? How can we bypass it?


Online surveillance is a thing, and as much as I’d like to say that it’s in the past, it’s not. There are many countries around the world that take online surveillance to a whole new level and that is the case in Japan. Whatever you do online, the Internet Service Provider or the government knows about it. So, is there any way to take back even an ounce of basic online privacy in Japan? What’s the best way to go about it?

The main concerns of internet users in Japan, is not being able to access even basic social media apps or streaming services without being monitored. Secondly, speaking of streaming services, there are quite a few that you wouldn’t be able to get access to without changing your IP address.

Additionally, have you heard of the 14-eyes alliance? They’re a group of countries that actively monitor, and steal user information and share it among the other members within the alliance. Japan is one of the alliance members. So, you’ll have to be extra careful with what you access online.

One thing is for sure, there might be various ways for you to bypass surveillance and censorship laws or restrictions in Japan, but a VPN is one of the more reliable ways to go about it. Using the best VPN for Japan, you’ll have much more to do besides just dodging surveillance.

How to dodge surveillance and censorship in Japan

Keep in mind that just because a Japanese VPN helps with it, it doesn’t mean that all providers are the best for it. There’s a certain way for you to choose the best one. But first, let’s talk about how you can dodge surveillance issues.

  • First, subscribe to the best VPN for Japan and create your account. Don’t worry! It doesn’t need to be expensive. There are many top VPN services that offers the best VPN discounts and deals on their yearly and biennial plans.
  • Now, download and install the VPN app on a supported device. For this, choose a VPN that offers multiple device support.
  • Once installed, launch the VPN app and sign in to your account.
  • Tweak with the settings a little bit, enable the Kill Switch, and other important feature to enhance your online privacy.
  • Connect to a Japanese server and that’s about it.

How to choose a VPN for Japan

  • It should come with local Japanese servers to access local content and international servers to bypass restrictions, accessing popular geo-blocked platforms in Japan.
  • A no-logs policy and other privacy reports are important. This will make sure that no one and not even your VPN provider keeps track if your activity logs nor stores your data.
  • Military-grade encryption and other advanced features is something you need to look for. Look for a Kill Switch, Split-Tunneling, obfuscated servers, DNS and IPv6 leak protection.
  • Since you’re probably using more than one device, the Japan VPN should be compatible with more than one device and operating system. For instance, they should be compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, routers and others.