Indication Signs from Your Printer when Print Cartridges Need Replacement


Printers are one of the essential stationeries for your office and homes. Proper care and maintenance of them can prolong their life. When your printer runs out of cartridges, they start giving indications. 

Tell-Tale Signs Shown by Your Printer

All printers whether they are inkjet or laser printer require cartridges for printing. If you have volumes to print, then cartridges might quickly get over. It is always better to keep spares on you. If you own an HP printer, then you need to use an HP Ink refill which can be found in stores such as Need More Ink, situated in Boca Raton, Florida. 

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Some of the tell-tale signs that indicate that your print cartridge might need replacement are:

  • Low Ink Level Warning
  • Printer functions stop working
  • Faded colors or texts
  • Streaks or lines on document sides
  • Printer stops printing

All printers come with a low ink display indicator. This light blink when the cartridges are going to get empty. This is a sure indicator that you need to replace your cartridges. In some cases, you might not be able to use the printing functions. These get disabled by your printer. 

If you want to scan or print the document, an error message such as “cartridge empty” might pop up on your screen, not allowing you to proceed further. 

Another indicator that you cannot miss is faded colors or texts whenever you take prints. Low ink levels in your printer make it difficult for your printer to print in high-quality resolution. 

You might even notice horizontal streaks and smudges on the paper whenever you print. This happens when the print heads do not have sufficient ink to print. Last, but not least, your printer stops printing completely. 

Properly Dispose and Replace Cartridges

If your new print cartridge is not properly installed, it can lead your printer to malfunction. If you plan to dispose of your old cartridges, you can give them for recycling. Many centers take empty cartridges, replace the worn-out parts, refill them, and sell them back to companies. 

Some branded companies also have their recycling methods wherein you can ship off the used cartridges to the address provided by them. 

When choosing new cartridges, ensure that you select the right model, which would be compatible with your printer. The model number can be found on the cartridge itself. 

Steps for replacing are:

  • Ensure that your printer is on
  • Open the compartment where the print cartridges are stored
  • Remove the old cartridges by pushing or squeezing the release flap and gently pull the cartridge out
  • Take the new cartridge from the pack, shake it well to prevent leakage
  • Remove the protective strips and insert the cartridges in the correct order into the printer
  • Lock the flaps and print a test page to see if the cartridges are properly installed


It is always better to know how to remove and replace your print cartridges. You never know when this might come in handy.