How to Repair Corrupt MySQL Databases


When it comes to the proper repair of the MySQL database that is corrupted, then there are certain issues that come up. In case of the database of the large traffics, such issues come up. Manual options are there when it comes to repairing the MySQL database. But there are other options as well. In this case, proper backup is essential.

In case the web application runs smooth you can make general queries and read the data. However, if you want to make sure of the proper running of the database, then there are a number of precautionary methods that you can go for. Essential backup options are there always.

Even after all these factors, even after all these matters, if the crash occurs anyhow, then there are certain things that you will have to consider. Problem solving will be the best choice there. Here are the solutions for you here.

Use MySQL Check for the Repair

It happens to be the tool used extensively for the MySQL. It is used for the proper checking, optimization and analysis of the tables now.

A number of commends are used for the same. However, there is a loose end to that as well, at the time of checking, very often the MySQLcheck hangs up.

The Way to Make the Repair By theInnoDB recovery modes

The use of the recovery mode happens to be useful through the InnoDB tables. However, going through the manual is essential for the same. The MySQL database repair tool is essential there.

The Right Repair Options of the MySQL database with Stellar

This the perfect software with the use of which you will be able to make the proper repair within a very short time.

This is the best software that ensures the following:

  • This happens to be an easy-to-use user interface (UI). You will be able to have a detailed direction for the whole process of repair.
  • You can make the repair of the MyISAM and MySQL InnoDB tables.
  • The proper recovery option is essential there now.

As the recovery software happens to be there, you will be able to the whole repair is done perfectly. You can make the download of the software from official site of stellar and make use of the same.

  • In general conditions, the Stellar’s software works perfect post purchase. You will have to follow the instructions specifically and run the repair process.
  • There you will be able to make choice of the version of the MySQL at the time of the data recovery. Once that is done, then you can make the list of the database. The choice would surely be the ones you would like to repair. These are the matters that you will have to consider.


However, you will have to keep in mind that the EXE edition software runs on Windows OS. If you are using operating in the Linux edition, then download free download of software from here:

Final Verdict:

If any complication takes place in the MySQL databases during manual repair option, then use of third party MySQL database repair tool is a smart choice to prevent data loss.