Google SEO Rules all Digital Marketers Should Know


The best way to get found by your customers online is by mastering search engines with strong Search Engine Optimization tactics in place. Search results are helped by ranking signals like keywords, time-on-site, and link structure, among others. You will be rewarded for creating quality content and following best practices. Your Digital Marketing Services provider will take care of all these things, or you can yourself take care of them.

Here is a list of Google SEO rules that any marketer needs to follow to leverage SEO tactics in their marketing campaign:

Monitor Your Site Speed

Always keep an eye on your site’s speed. It is extremely important. A slower site will tend to put off valuable prospects and make you lose a lot of business. So, it is even more important to have a really fast site in the mobile world. 

Keep checking your site’s functionality regularly. Find out what is making your site slower. Use a good site audit tool to find out the points that are slowing your site down. Then have them rectified and optimized as soon as possible.

Keep Updating Your Site Regularly.

Stay highly active on your website and update the various aspects regularly. An inactive domain means a far worse ranking as compared to regularly updated ones. Think of it this way: you will never stay long on a site that hasn’t been updated in 5 years, would you?

It isn’t as tough as it may seem. There are so many updated notes that may say something like “updated for 2021”. These are positions from where you can inspire yourself to update your site as well. Choose only the top SEO companies to get the best SEO services

Always Create Unique Content.

Keep generating unique content only. Make sure that your content is useful and written very well. It is as important as the SEO strategy that you implement. There is lots of content out there that is repetitive and the same. No wonder so many sites don’t do well. 

Unique content creates retention of prospects and clients on your site and ensures a lot of new visitors. However, just quality alone doesn’t count. You must create content that your visitors haven’t seen elsewhere (others will regenerate your content shortly).

Don’t Abuse Keywords.

Keywords let search engines know at a glance what your site or page is all about. However, it is a myth that you will be ranked at a higher level in searches if you use a keyword multiple times. In reality, the secret is that Google calculates your visitors’ time on your site and pages. Google calculates this way – the longer a visitor stays on a page or a site, the more relevant that page or site is to the search. 

If you overuse keywords in your content, it will lead to the visitor losing interest and will make him leave your site or page. So, think how many times you would like to use the same keyword on your page or site.

Some more rules that need mentioning:

  • Always follow Google’s On-site Optimization Guidelines.
  • Never use low-quality links.
  • Avoid competing for keywords that are crowded.

Following the above will help you to stand apart from the crowd and reward you well.