Field service management software – helping business improve their field operations


Large corporate bodies have to perform various tasks in order to improve their functionality and serve their customers efficiently. They need to make sure the products ordered by the customers are delivered to them on time, customer grievances are resolved timely and all the activities which are performed in the field are completed on time. This requires adoption of certain digital solution and software which helps in seamless transmission of information between the departments responsible for acceptance of field jobs and technicians who work in the field.

Field services performed in an organization may include every activity which is related to customers and after the product has been ordered by the customer. Field service management is system of managing various activities performed by field service organization or department for a business organization which includes invoicing, dispatching, delivery and billing of products ordered by the customers. Moreover, the whole process of managing such activities has been upgraded into a digital solution which acts as a cloud based platform for tracking, monitoring and scheduling the field service activities of a business organization.

Adoption of such digital solos and software has following benefits:

  1. Reduction in time to resolve customer complaints and grievances. Administrative hurdles in Field work identification and completion are eliminated. The whole process is converted into paperless mode of receiving and signing invoices.
  2. Proper maintenance of work schedule for timely identification of field jobs and directing the requisite funds and personnel towards performance of the identified work.
  3. Preparation of correct estimates about the market trends and the type of spare tools which organization may need during peak seasons. Technicians working for the organization who provide repairing and replacement services to customers have timely access to required tools and parts for helping customers.
  4. Reduction in costs and other overhead expenditures which the organization had to incur for carrying out field services. The field service management software helps the organization and the technicians by assigning jobs on priority and proximity basis. Moreover, the field management software provides the technicians with optimal route directions in order to reach the point of customer complaint on time. This helps in saving fuel costs.
  5. Proper control and management of workforce working the actual field and interacting face to face to the ultimate customers. Workers and technicians can be monitored using the field service management software. Moreover, the organization can track their movement and work progress for quick assignment of next field job.
  6. Apart from tracking the technicians who are directly connected to the organization, current as well as prospective customers can be reached using the software. Customer complaints can be received and resolved easily. Field service management software and mobile application provides accessibility to customers and customer information from anywhere using any device.
  7. Automation of customer service requests which reduces the time and cost of receiving and resolving the complaint by huge margins.

Many top field service software equip the field service management team or department to help their respective business organizations in improving their market presence, reduction of various overhead costs and ensuring long term sustainability of the business organization and activities.