Everything you must know about level 2 electrician


Technical issues related to electrical connection and your home electricity must not be ignored and should not be handled by untrained professionals.

According to statics as well as surveys conducted in the last few years, failures of electricity lead to unfortunate deaths. The major cause of these problems is none other than faulty electric connection, bad wiring, default appliance and so on.

To overcome such conditions and prevent failures, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is an electrician.

Hold on a second before hiring an electrician. If you still do not know about the different levels of an electrician, then you are probably missing out on something. Hence, read on…

Normal Electrician

A normal electrician or the traditional type of electrician mostly emphasis on the maintenance and repair of the electrical system of your house. In case of any emergencies or other such situations where you face minor electric fault, then it is recommended to contact and hire a normal electrician in order to conduct inspections, repair, and/or maintenance.

In very short and very simple words, an ordinary type of electrician can prove helpful in fixing a loose switch, replace or repair an electrical system, install the right type of electrical equipment, and last but of course not least, replace circuit breakers.

Level 2 Electrician

You might have heard about level 2 electricians at some part of your life. So, what does that even mean? And what is the difference between these two types of electricians?

The very basic distinguishing character between an ordinary electrician (level 1 electrician) and level 2 electrician is the stages of training and also license these two holds.

Level 2 type of electricians are more well trained to handle maintenance and repair but also do electrical installations which a normal or level 1 electrician can’t.

Level 2 electricians are generally capable to also handle critical electrical fixation of underground and overhead electrical services between the house owners (customers in this case), your workspace or home, and the electricity provider.

Here is a shortlist of what a level 2 electrician can do:

  • Disconnection and reconnection.
  • Meter and electric system Installation.
  • Overhead and underground power supply
  • Upgrade power, etc

Before hiring a level 2 electrician

Till now, you must be knowing how important a level 2 electrician can be. That is why it becomes crucial for you to know certain things before hiring this type of electrician who will handle major things related to electricity.

  • Professionalism

By saying professional, no one becomes professional in that field. You must prove it! Hence, in order to know their professionalism, it is important to know their experience. You can also read feedbacks and reviews on them to know their professionalism.

  • Qualifications (certified electrician)

A good level 2 electrician will always have a high level of qualifications. However, it’s very much possible to hire someone who is not well-qualified.

That is why it is necessary to ask for their qualifications and certifications before hiring.

  • Insurance 

There is always a risk of an accident while repairing something related to electricity which might also result in financial loss. Hence, for your own benefit, consider hiring a licensed and insured level 2 electrician.