Ecommerce Could Save Businesses Amid Covid-19



Several countries have implemented measures to limit the spread of the novel Corona Virus (covid-19) through social distancing, isolation and closing down businesses.

With only select stores remaining open which may not sell certain products, this has forced those in quarantine to modify their lifestyle and shopping behaviours as they turn to ecommerce.

It has been reported that ecommerce sales have skyrocketed with companies reporting that their online sales have risen over 100%.

Amid the pandemic, shopping behaviours have evolved and adapted to the more isolated life. Shopping for apparel has seen a 21% drop which makes sense since most people aren’t leaving their homes.

Food & restaurant sales have risen over 160% online which makes sense since they only offer pickup or delivery. This can also be easily explained since people are stocking up on food and supplies to avoid regular trips to the grocery store to avoid contacting the virus..

In the fitness industry, gyms across Canada have closed down due to covid-19 measures leaving fitness enthusiasts scrambling to purchase gym equipment online. Gym equipment retailers are now offering pre-order only having sold-out most of their inventory. This has also caused price gougers on buy & sellswebsites such as Kijiji to sell products at a 300% markup.

Many small businesses are starting to adapt such as restaurants are offering their menu on Uber Eats, gyms are offering online fitness classes and brick-and-mortar stores are offering curbside pick-up.

What we can learn is that if your business can establish a strong online presence it can not only survive the covid-19 pandemic but in fact thrive.

Setting up an ecommerce website can offer stores a method of still conducting business as usual in the online space despite being forced to shut their doors.

Hiring the right WordPress web development company can determine the success of your ecommerce store.

Cost is certainly a factor to consider for any business hiring a freelancer or web design company. However, cost can often times dictate the quality and success of businesses online presence.

If your business has been affected by Covid-19 and you’re looking to establish a successful online presence, NexTorontocan provide quality ecommerce web development for businesses across Canada.